Thursday, May 1, 2014

Daffodil and Rosie protect the porch from...another visitor

I missed it all.

Which is good...

It happened late last night after I had gone to bed.

My husband had opened the front door to put Heidi out (she's back to trying to scale the green netting to go to the roof, so we have to put her outside at night now, for her own safety so that she will be grounded and not on the roof).

Then, he saw it....

Daffodil and Rosie were surrounding a snake in the porch.

It appeared to be the same species as the previous ones (the "wolf snake" or "house snake") but this one was long. Probably an adult.

The snake was still alive, but already injured.

Daffodil and Rosie were doing a gang-attack on the snake.

They merely watched and each time the snaked moved, they would paw it.

I wonder if this is a defense action or play action, we'll never really know, would we?

My husband took some photos. No, I didn't look at them and am not going to publish them either.

Then, he got a pair of thongs and managed to put the snake into a plastic bag and took it away to the monsoon drain.

He said the entire "project" was headed by Daffodil and Rosie appeared to be just assisting.

So, did the mother-and-daughter catch the snake outside and bring it into the porch as an offering or did the snake come into the porch and was then halted by the cats?

We'll never know....


All okay at breakfast this morning.


The heroine of the night, Daffodil.


Her assistant, Rosie.


Vincent: I didn't know about it.


Timmy: I was guarding the food arsenal.


Mr Zurik: которые беспокоят меня



Ginger: I was protecting my Carebears Blankie.


 Heidi: (Busy figuring how to get up to the roof...)

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elya said...

i was laughing so hard at vincent expression.... hehehehehe the caption matched....