Monday, May 5, 2014

The first wave

The PatioCats have been trying to "invade" into Bunny's Place for sometime now.

It started with Ginger negotiating with his Carebears Blankie, in a very nice way.

But Bunny & Friends did not reciprocate.

Today, Heidi launched the first wave....

She came to the grille and stretch her paw inside through the bars and swiped Cow!


Yes, Heidi knows no fear.

She figured she's been there and done that, so what is there to fear?

Cow retaliated by scratching her back but she evaded it.

This got Cow really, really angry and Cow began frothing at the mouth.

Heidi was undeterred.

She tried again.

I was inside the room and unable to stop Heidi. Opening the grille is suicide. Cow may rush out and only angels would be able to save us all.

So I did the next best thing I could....


I grabbed the nearest towel and threw it over Cow's head.

I know I'm supposed to cover his eyes and block off his vision, but never mind.


It worked. Cow went low and turned away.


After no further movement from Cow, I slowly and carefully lifted the towel.

Cow wasn't frothing anymore.

By then, my husband, who was outside, had reprimanded Heidi and chased her away.

But as soon as he turned his back, Heidi came back and launched the third wave...

She attacked Cow again!


This time I quickly sneaked out and confronted Heidi.



Heidi protested.


 I want to go in. Why can't I go in? 


Susan said...

Heidi is cute :)

Pooding said...

I love Heidi.. She's fearless.. willing to venture into the unknown..