Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vincent's after-the-rain adventure (or, "whatever it takes to get into Bunny's Place")

It was after the rain when I noticed Cow looking surprised towards the roof.

I looked up was Vincent. He was already on the roof, looking for a way to jump down to Bunny's Place, or perhaps gathering courage to do so.

Quite a number of cats have done this. Let's see: Mr G, Elmo, Snow White, Bushy Calico, Vincent, etc. But thankfully, all of them were rational enough to know that unless they want to risk breaking a limb, they should NOT attempt to jump down from such a height.

Yes, even the lure of Bunny's Place (or so they think) is so inviting...


By the time I got my camera out...


Vincent had realised he should NOT attempt to jump, so I kept calling him from Cow's direction, hoping to guide him back to our garden (not that I doubted he knew the way, after all, he IS a cat).


But he kept stopping to sniff and was looking towards the house at the back.

Just this afternoon, I spotted an orange cat jump from this very ledge to the back garden of this house and I panicked momentarily as I thought it was Ginger. To my relief, Ginger was sleeping in the porch! If one of our cats had jumped into the house at the back, it would be quite a long way (Mr G's route) to get back to the front of our house. For a cat who is unfamiliar with the route, they would need Mr G to guide them back.

I remember when we first moved in, Pole escaped and actually went to the roofs of the houses (that's "houses" as in plural, because she jumped from roof to roof) at the back. We almost had to take a ladder to one of the houses to get her back. Of course she "buat tak tahu" (pretended she didn't know us) and simply ignored our desperate calls.

Finally, she came back on her own.


Back to Vincent's adventure...

mini-P5030751 mini-P5030752

You see, Vincent is interested in something in the house at the back, so I had to keep distracting him by calling him.

Luckily, Vincent listens to me.


I kept calling him, and yes, he has come to the corner.

One huddle down.


Vincent, come, Vincent!


I quickly dashed out to the patio and Vincent had gone to the next-door neighbour's roof.

No, Vincent! Come back!!


Yes, come back, Vincent!


Vincent!! Come back!





mini-P5030760 mini-P5030761

Greetings, comrades...I'm back from my adventure. The force was with me.


Hmm....a meeting of foes or friends?


Friends, okay?


Is this an "awww..." moment or a head butt leading to a fight?


Timmy and Ginger mediate...


A celebratory snack for Vincent's safe return!


Reporting to Cow: Vincent's back safe and sound, Cow.

Oh, by the way, Ginger had another tour of Bunny's Place this morning when the titans were out in the Clubhouse.

mini-P5030746 mini-P5030747

 It only lasted for about a minute.

And in case you are wondering why there is an umbrella at the garbage compartment...


It's for Willy!

He comes for meals once in a while!

That's his Monge breakfast this morning.

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