Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 3 of Indy-bite wounds

Thank you to all who have written in and texted to ask about my Indy-bites and scratches, and also those who wonder if Path-Away is working.

Well, here's Day 3 of the wounds:


The blue-black is a bite wound.

mini-P5300960 mini-P5300961

The rest are healing up nicely. All dried up on the first day itself. I only applied Path-Away.


The perpetrator is seen here, chilling out after breakfast.


Hello, everyone! 

I'm Indy, your friendly neighbourhood cat! How may I be of service to you on this lovely morning?

(Now, THAT is definitely temporary insanity!!)


Kelly said...

Hope you get well soon.. And for the last photo of Indy, Yes! it is a friendly neighborhood (not Indy ) and all this peaceful , lovely atmosphere is because we have a very good service from Indy ..guarding and on-duty 20 hours/day ( only sleep for 4 hours ) and because of that lack of sleep he got a little bit cranky character, pls forgive him ( he is forgiven anyway by his mum) . Also it will be a boring thing for a peaceful neighborhood ..hahaha without him. To Indy , you are the best service cat i ever come across . Never doubt on that no matter what you heard from other , you my message Indy ? with lot of love and hugs.. opp can hug or not eh ? LOL

C W Lee said...

Indy : ahem ..just to clear the air a bit, had never intended to hurt mum in the first place but that " Urge " to taste blood again is just simply too irresistible (no more raw liver to eat for so long sobs..sobs) so nearest option was mum's leg hehe.. I'm just a little mischievous not cranky

ying fong said...

Hi Kah Yein,

Hope ur heals very soon.

Indy is sooooo very blessed 2 hv u as his "mama".
He is not being punish ? Cage for 2 hours n being leccture? M concern
about tiger n tabs who r on d bottom of d "hierarchy" (food chain). Sorry, i m just being concern.

My siamese is a terible bully who always bully d youngest girl.. (finally she got d idea dat bullying wl land her in d cage as punishment...bulylying reduces....i still hv 2 work on d issue. Anyone cu pls advise

Ying fong

chankahyein said...

Thank you for your concern. Perhaps you did not read the earlier post that explained why Indy did what he did - a bit of silvervine powder had spilled onto my pants and the smell got him "high". He cannot be blamed for what he did, so punishment would be quite unfair in this case. It wasn't his fault. It was mine for being careless.
Thank you also for your concern for Tiger and Tabs. They are fine and I will ensure no silvervine powder spills onto their coats! :)