Sunday, May 18, 2014

A sudden (wet) Primal craze...

I have been giving dry Primal, mixed with Monge on a daily basis to all the 14 cats. Everyone eats it except Indy (who insists that RAW food must contain blood).

The other day, I accidentally put the Primal nuggets into a wet bowl with a fair bit of water, so I thought I'd just try soaking the nuggets (which is the recommended way of feeding in the first place).

Voila! They loved it and even Indy licked the soup up.

So from then on, it's wet Primal every day and I find that this way, they eat more Primal than Monge. And this is actually "better", nutrition-wise because Primal is a completely balanced food (containing organs, which is essential to a cat's diet) whereas Monge is complementary in that it is pure meat (no organ parts).


I've noticed  this with wet (reconstituted) Primal - if you put Monge and wet Primal, practically every cat (except Indy) goes for the wet Primal. That's Tabs up there.


And Tiger too.

By the way, that big bowl is food for 7 cats, not for Tiger alone!


Talk about lazy! (Look at Ginger!)

mini-P5170875 mini-P5170877

It's complete because besides meat, it has necks (bones), gizzards and livers.

mini-P5170878 (2)

But storage and handling instructions are to be adhered to more strictly because it is raw food. I only reconstitute with water just before feeding and I make sure the pack is tightly sealed and kept in the fridge.

I know I'm not supposed to feed it with other types of food, though. So best to follow the advice on the package.

Please consult your vet before embarking on a change of diet for your pet.


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Ginger! Haissh. He's cute all the time.