Monday, May 19, 2014

When Mercury aligns with Mars...

I remember this song "Aquarius" from my childhood. The lyrics go like this:

When the Moon is in the seventh house,
When Jupiter aligns with Mars;
Then peace will guide the planets,
And love will steer the stars...

This is the dawning of the
Age of Aquarius...

And it goes on...

So it means that when Jupiter aligns with Mars, we will have peace and love?

What happens when Mercury aligns with Mars then?

Well....looks like Mercury aligned with Mars, at least at my house!

Indy has been picking fights with everyone who crosses his path. Don't know what has got into him...

Then, at the kitchen this afternoon, Rosie and Heidi were having a snack when suddenly, they stopped short and froze...


Mr Zurik had come in and was about to antagonise Rosie.

Mr Zurik's bully-target is Rosie. The poor girl...


Rosie retreated from her bowl and went to hide between the boxes and the containers.

Heidi hid too...


...but continued eating.


Rosie was terrified.


Vincent to the rescue!!!


Er...Vincent just went for the food?

Then outside, Indy let out a terrible, deafening scream.

We were in the kitchen and we heard pebbles scattering all over.

Someone was running for his life...from Indy's terrifying scream.

Jia-Wen rushed to the back and found Indy staring out of the Stargate with his hair all fluffed up.

"No one is injured", Jia-Wen said. It's just the PatioCats running away.


By the time I got there, Indy was calmer but still staring hard out of the Stargate.


Er...Pray tell, Indy, who incurred your wrath?


Of course there was no one there by then. Everyone had fled.

I'll bet it was Timmy. He has a way of annoying those who cannot get him.


I only spotted Mr Zurik drinking water.


Later, it was Cow's turn, intimidating poor Bunny.


 So yes, when Mercury aligns with Mars, peace is a little far away...

Thank goodness all life is in motion!

Impermanence rocks!!

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