Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cow wars

Today was a day of Cow wars.

It started with Ginger standing right outside the grille.


Ginger was just looking in.

Cow was already foaming at the mouth.


I could hear Cow huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf.


While Ginger looks completely innocent.


I had to break up the escalating anger before Cow lost his mind.

Then, later, Cow and Indy were both standing at the grille and suddenly, I heard a explosive "Bang!".

I don't know who hurled himself at the grille but I think it was Cow.

So I shouted, more as a reflex action, and that broke up the craziness between Indy and Cow...


They were going to fight again at the back door, but I managed to break that up too.

But why did the two Royal Guards suddenly fight at the grille?


This is why...it was Heidi.


Heidi frequently sits at this spot and this irritates the Royal Guards.


In fact, almost everyone comes in and sits near the grille these days, because I'm inside the room!

mini-P5260937 (2)

Why, Cow?

mini-P5260938 (2)

I think the inside cats are raring to go out.

mini-P5260939 (2)

And the outside cats are raring to get in.

The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it?

mini-P5260940 (2) mini-P5260941 (2) mini-P5260942 (2) mini-P5260945

 Madame Heidi, do you think you could...er...not always sit at this spot?

For the record, Heidi sleeps on the living room sofa all day and at 6am every morning (or earlier, if someone needs to get to work before that), without fail, she comes upstairs, jumps onto the bed to wake me up and she will wait until I wake up, bathe and get dressed and we go downstairs together!

Heidi on sofa

It is a daily ritual for Heidi.

Then once we come down the stairs, Ginger will be on his Carebears Blankie, looking at us. And Tiger and Tabs will be right in front of the grille waiting to be let out. Then, Heidi, Ginger, Tiger and Tabs have breakfast in the kitchen while I prepare food for the rest of them. Inside cats first, then the PatioCats.

And that's MY daily ritual!

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Yen Ling said...

A great system!!