Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tiger Day 57

I think we should be able to start our countdown really soon!


The fur has completely covered the last sore on the left front paw, but I can still feel a small crust.


The sores on the left hind leg are all very faint now, covered by fur.


Same with the single sore on the right hind leg.

I think we should be able to start our countdown tomorrow!



Bunny wanted to pick a fight with Tiger this morning, but I managed to break up the escalating anger (on Bunny's part).

After an hour, Cow and Bunny had a huge tussle at the Stargate and that had to be broken up by using the water hose.

I wonder why they are upset today.


Cow was huffing and puffing.


I quickly carried Bunny in and checked for injuries.

No injuries. He just had some brown soil on him.


Tabs and Indy are watching the PatioCats.


 The two girls are not bothered at all.

"Tak mahu campur tangan... Nanti kena belasah!"

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