Sunday, May 18, 2014

A long hairball from Indy

Indy asked for umpteen suppers last night, as though to make up for missing breakfast in the morning when he had a fever. That was a good sign so we indulged him.

Eating is better than not eating, isn't it?

This morning, I gave him his Clavomox. The vet says the best is to give it 2 hours before meals for optimum absorption. If that's not possible, just before meals is also acceptable.

Then, it was breakfast for everyone and Indy devoured his Monge.

After about fifteen minutes, he vomited his food. I quickly checked and there it was - a long hairball, probably about 2 inches of genuine Indy-hair. It has to be his own hair as none of the titans bother to groom anyone.

I was told that hairball can sometimes cause a fever - it blocks the intestines, there is bacterial build-up and this causes a fever. So maybe this dratted long hairball was the culprit. If so, it isn't so worrying since it's out of Indy's system now.

Indy did vomit a few days ago and I had already given him Laxatone, which I find, works very well to eliminate hairball.

I let him rest for another fifteen minutes before offering some AD to him, which he devoured as well!


After the AD meal.


Back on surveillance duty with fellow Royal Guard, Cow.


On Sundays, we are a little bit more relaxed.


 Thank you for all your kind wishes for me.

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