Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Missing Tiger, a panic attack and a game of peek-a-boo!

Yesterday morning, after feeding the PatioCats, I went back into the room to do my work. As you know, Tiger gets to come out of the room and have breakfast in the kitchen. Tabs is also allowed out until she made her naughty escape last week, out of the gate and refused to come back. I finally got her back, before she escaped again. So, she is grounded for one week.

But Tiger was out as usual and it was only after half an hour that I remembered (or thought) I had not brought Tiger back in and I realised the sliding door was still open.

I quickly went out and looked for Tiger.

Tiger was nowhere to be found in the garden, in the flower beds or under the cars.

I went back into the room and looked high and low, even opening all the cupboards. I looked in the pantry and called him.

By then, all the cats were on red alert and they went to the Stargate to look out (for Tiger?).

I went back out to the porch and all the PatioCats had come back and they all looked worried.

I woke my husband up and while I searched the road, he searched the playground.

Tiger was nowhere to be found.

Oh no!!!

I must have searched the house, room, pantry, porch and outside the house, no less than five times. And each time I searched the road, the sight of Heidi, Mr Zurik or Vincent would light up my heart because they look like Tiger from far. All the PatioCats were helping me look for Tiger while Bunny & Friends were standing at the Stargate.

If Tiger had wandered out, he must have been gone for about half an hour now. He could have covered quite a distance and may not know the way home.

Yes, this was an emergency.

So I sat down and wrote a "Missing Cat" email to my housing community. Normally, only one animal-lover will respond. Never mind, at least she will help look out for Tiger.

missing tiger

I was going paste this flyer on both guard-posts.

Just then, I looked out of the back door and...

peek a boo

A face peeked out at me from behind this cushion cover.

It was Tiger!!!!

Oh my goodness!! He was playing hide-and-seek with me!!

What a relief!

I quickly wrote another "Tiger Found" email to the community and brought Tiger in!

Silly me, I hadn't forgotten to bring him back inside, after all. He was inside all the time, only enjoying the hide-and-seek game. I swear I did look behind this cushion cover every time, but he was NOT there!  Now, where was he hiding while I was frantically searching for him and calling out his name? And none of the cats "helped" either, assuming they knew he was hiding. They too looked worried and kept staring out of the Stargate!


Hey, Tiger!!


Me is a good, me, me!

Me didn't escape today.

Can little me go out and play? 


 Yes, you are a good girl, Tabs, but you are still grounded!

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