Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The piggy bag reaches the "Little Boss" of Wine Dogs!

Wine Dogs ordered this piggy bag to the latest addition to their family, "Little Boss"!

Just arrived today!.....and showing to recipient Little Boss
We love it, thank you!

imageLittle Boss asks = "Mommie, is this really my bag?

(*starts to inspect it a bit closer....)

image_2"Wow, very good quality and strong canvas....very fine stitching , front and back!"

image_3"It has such a nice appliqué on it! Soft and furry!"

image_4(More tests and checks continue .....)

"Very Fun to shake and play with ...."(*CAUTION : under watchful eyes*)


(*needs to do Strap strength test now, under watchful eyes*)...."Mmmmm, looks like very strong straps!


"Noooo,..,!! Don't take it away from me!""

image_7(*ok,giving it back to  Little boss now.....+ places it nicely against toys for admiring...)

"I love it so much I want to camp in this "sleeping bag" whilst I can still fit in it, with my favourite toy too...."

"Thanks Aunty Chan, Aunty KY Chan and all cat assistants who helped in the construction of the bag! Love it !"

And I have my comfy AnimalCare tshirt too!!

image (2) image

It's a little big, but I'll soon grow into it.


And my Rainbow blankie too.

I'm the youngest AnimalCare fan!!

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