Monday, May 19, 2014

When Bunny comes out...


Everyone was chilling out on the Carebears Blankie when...


Bunny was let out (under supervision).


Timmy had already fled, leaving only the two who think the whole world is good.


Mother, Daffodil, comes in to keep watch.


Bunny's tour is under our watchful eyes.


We will grab him the very moment he shows any signs of wanting to attack.


This is what Bunny normally does on his trips out - he rubs his chin on everywhere to claim territory.


 Don't worry, Daffodil, we've got it under control. Ginger and Rosie are safe.

Something interesting happened just now, right before dinner.

I heard scuffling sounds in the room and all SEVEN cats were looking at the door, with Pole leading the way.

I quickly went in, opened the door slightly and found...

....a frightened shrew behind the door.

I guess the shrew had lost its way and somehow got cornered behind the door by the cats.

All seven cats were looking at it.

Oh my....

I called my husband to come in to help the shrew escape.

I quickly lured all the cats out as I was holding the bowl of food.

Everyone came out except Pole and Tabs.

Finally, everyone came out and Mr Shrew ran out of the room and escaped through the Stargate to safety!


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