Saturday, May 17, 2014

Indy has a fever

Was it due to yesterday's scuffle with Vincent and Mr Zurik?

I doubt so, but this morning, Indy refused to eat. The moment I saw him sitting at the window sill, looking forlorn, I kind of knew something was not quite right.

Indy never refuses food. He might walk away from dry Primal or even Monge on days when he insists his food must be topped with some kibbles, but he would come back and eat (once the kibbles have been laid on top). Indy has good appetite.

So, something was wrong and his body felt a little hot too. I gave Indy a Vetri DMG tablet and one capsule of Transfer Factor.


It's off to the vet's without delay, especially when tomorrow is Sunday.

So, at 8.45am, we packed Indy into the carrier and off we went.


Indy meowed bigtime in the car, throughout the journey.


We were the first patient of the day and there were many dogs barking as the vet had just come in and the dogs were all excited.

Indy was scared with all the barking and so he decided he would just stay very still and keep quiet.


I'm safe in here, aren't I?

Why are those dogs howling? What kind of place is this??


Can we go home, please? I promise I will eat and do whatever you want me to. Can we just go home? 


Soon, it was our turn.


Indy weighed 5.3kg.

His gums are inflamed and there was an odour in his mouth (probably caused by the inflammation of the gums). Indy had a temperature of 39.88 degrees, which is a fever.

I told the vet a lengthy and detailed history of Indy's health, starting from the time he was picked up from the drain with eye, ear and bladder infections, his life hanging by a thread. Then, in Dec 2011, he started limping, had spiked fevers and was critically ill. Suspected of kidney problems. That healed after several panic attacks (on me) and medication. Then again, in April 2012, he had fever and was hospitalised on drips. Scans and blood tests were done, but the results were inconclusive. This was more critical and he healed after medication (and yes, panic attacks). The vets were stumped and the closest we got was toxoplasmosis, but that was pure conjecture done AFTER he had recovered.

Indy has a colourful medical history.

After listening to his history, the vet took blood from Indy's ear for a blood smear and kidney and urea tests.

Indy appeared to be scared.


Who says I'm scared?

We waited as the vet checked his blood.


Indy's white blood cells were slightly elevated. Not critically, just slightly.

His kidney and urea tests were within the normal range. Phew! I'm very worried it could be his kidneys as Indy has a history of kidney problems. And when first rescued (6 years ago), his bladder was full of green pus. That, no doubt, would have taken a toll on his general health.

Since we were there, I told the vet about his eyes too. We suspect one eye is not functioning. But the vet checked and said it appears to be okay.

The vet gave Indy a Claxomox injection which will last 24 hours. Tomorrow, I will start him on Clavomox tablets for 7 days. The vet says he should start eating again in about 2 days.


Can we PLEASE go home now?

Okay, okay, Indy, let's go.

On the way home, Indy was a little quieter.


We reached home and Rosie and Heidi came to greet Indy.


Okay, I'm home...was everything under control while I was away? Any intruder attack? 

mini-P5170883 mini-P5170885

Who took charge while I was gone?


Are you okay, Indy?


Daffodil, Rosie and Ginger came to visit too, but outside the grille, of course.


Indy still does not feel like eating, so I force-fed him a spoonful of AD.


Busy grooming, Indy?


I need to clean off all the smells from that strange place.

And while everyone else sleeps on this rainy morning...

mini-P5170872 mini-P5170873 mini-P5170875

Indy is out on surveillance duty...

Hmm....who goes there??

Possible intruder attack! No one gets past me!!

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