Friday, May 30, 2014

When it rains...

There was going to be a thunderstorm this afternoon, so I quickly went to do a headcount on the PatioCats.


Daffodil, Mr Zurik and Timmy...




Heidi and Vincent...



Where is Ginger??

If anyone goes missing, it is almost always either Rosie or Ginger. Rosie would be down the road with her line-dancing friends and Ginger is usually on the rooftop of the neighbour's house. I don't know exactly where his rooftop den is, but he is very prone to missing meals because he oversleeps and forgets.

So I went out to call for Ginger...



Here he comes...

mini-20140529_134420 mini-20140529_134423 mini-20140529_134431

Come on,'s going to rain very soon!

mini-20140529_134434 mini-20140529_134517


I wish Ginger would just stay home and not roam...

mini-P5290959 (2)

Rosie too.

After all, the rest don't roam (Timmy, Daffodil, Heidi, Vincent and Mr Zurik).

Inside, everyone is getting ready for the thunderstorm...

mini-P5290968 mini-P5290959

Safe in the condo.


How about some food before the thunderstorm?

mini-P5290961 mini-P5290962

Let's just chill a bit before it rains, shall we?


I'm all prepared.


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Kelly said...

Ginger good boy.. come as you call Ginger !!! you must have a very strong lungs LOL ( i guess you are since you are a teacher ) But it was really nice to see Ginger came back as soon as he heard you. Last time i use to call my cats to come back for meals too.. but now i change the tactic. I train them to respond to a Triangle (musical instrument). Training start with repetition-rewards-repetition, triangle sounds ( ting ting ting ) and soon ( about a month ) the cat will associate ting ting ting = meals time. why i do this ? Because i don't them to only recognize my voice , sometimes if emergency or if i'm outstation , my fren (from outstation - Penang) will catsitter them. If this is helpful for other readers and also to know not only dog can be trained , cat too! .