Saturday, May 17, 2014

Indy's mad frenzy on Vincent and Mr Zurik

After Jon Tham left just now, when I came into the room to write the blogpost about his ultra marathon, Indy, out of the blue, came to my leg and sank his teeth into my jeans. Thank goodness I was wearing jeans, because his teeth sank right in and I could see he was very agitated, like he wanted to bite something off. Then, he bit hard again (but only into my jeans). I had to prise him off.

Hmm...I wonder what happened.

Just now, my son, Jia-Wen, just came home and told me what happened while I was away in the afternoon.

He had opened the grille to come into the room when Indy suddenly, faster than lightning (I'm sure), dashed out and darted straight at poor Vincent and Mr Zurik, both of whom were caught totally unaware.

Jia-Wen said Indy was totally fluffed up (body and tail) and yelled into Vincent's and Mr Zurik's faces.

Vincent and Mr Zurik screamed and ran for their lives, banging into the patio side grille as they escaped their psychotic attacker, creating total pandemonium until our part-time cleaner came running to see what was wrong.

Jia-Wen said he had to block off Indy by using a wooden chair or else Indy might have "devoured" Vincent and Mr Zurik. The Indy-yell was deafening.

NOW I know why Indy bit my jeans when I came home.




Both Vincent and Mr Zurik are okay and unharmed. In fact, both were doing their usual head-butts at the garbage compartment (Willy's Canopy Cafe) just now.

Phew! That was close. I do NOT want to have to nurse two feline warriors with antibiotics for 2 weeks!

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