Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ginger to the vet's


So after Ivan and Justin left for their new home, Ginger and I went to the vet's. Ginger went into the carrier without so much of a fuss. The poor boy didn't know I was taking him to the vet's.

I also had to take Ginger to another vet as the nearer vet was fully booked for surgery.

Ginger mewed throughout the journey. Poor little guy...


Another long wait with Ginger. He was scared by the barking of dogs.

When it finally came to our turn, Ginger walked normally. The vet examined all four of his legs very thoroughly and found nothing wrong with them. Phew...that is good.

I get worried when a cat limps because Tiger had a limping episode many years ago which turned out to be suspected Calici-virus which the vet thought was leading to his end (being FIV+). I took Tiger to three vets and none of them could cure him. That was 4 years ago - it was finally cured with one session of acupuncture! Then, Indy also had a serious limping episode which led to elevated kidney readings and it finally turned out to be an Indy-fashioned unexplained mysterious illness, but after several panic attacks on me, of course.

So I get worried when cats limp. Forgive me for being paranoid!

The vet figured there was nothing with Ginger's four limbs, but I should still watch if he limps. The vet also examined all four paws and found no injuries. That's a relief.

However, there was a scratch on Ginger's neck (left side) and another small puncture wound on the left side of his body. Both wounds did not look serious and the vet shaved off the hair (to examine more closely) and applied povidone iodine on them.

And the vet said Ginger is fat. Yes, downright fluffy and fat. Obese.

But he is only 5.63kg, I said (we weighed him, and I was thinking of Bunny's 6.5kg, previously 6.85kg).

That's fat, the vet said. He has to lose weight.


And so, we headed for home...but I got lost coming home and the journey took longer than usual. The traffic by then was BAD, as bad as it could be. And it was raining quite heavily too.

By the time we got home, I think Ginger was already very frustrated and quite angry at being taken for such a long ride and being stressed out by the barking dogs at the clinic.

So he hissed at me and ran out of the house.

I managed to catch him back to take a good look at the two wounds.


The wound on the neck (already dried up). The vet said this was a scratch wound.


The small puncture wound on the left side of his body.
(You cannot see the wound in the photo above.)


I offered Ginger a freshly opened can of food, but he didn't want any.

He hissed and ran off, scaled the netting and escaped through the window.

I went to look for him but he was nowhere to be found.

All my errands for the day was delayed terribly and I had to post some parcels, so I went off to the post office and by the time I came back, Ginger was still nowhere to be found.

I went out calling for him many times. He was definitely hiding somewhere and must have been still angry.

Everyone came back to the patio for food, but not Ginger.

I got worried but was somehow confident he would come back.

By the time Ming-Yi came back from work....


Ginger was already waiting beside the door in the porch!

Yay, Ginger had come back!


A whole can of Monge for you, Ginger.


And Vetri DMG since he had got a bit wet in the rain.


Sorry we had to make that trip to the vet's, Ginger.

At least we now know there is nothing wrong with your limbs and that you have two wounds that need to be treated.

mini-P5190922 mini-P5190923

Ginger is back to stay!

And today has been quite a day, hasn't it?


BoBo Salem said...

human sister MingYi works here now?
wow..thats good

BoBo Salem
The Meow Meow Family

Wong Yoke Mei said...

Maybe he got scratched by another cat from some minor confrontation. Could have gotten some parts of his leg lightly bruised/pulled on a nerve during the whole episode.

Chen said...

What a day! But you got to find out that Ginger is basically ok and that he needs to loose weight (heheh ... no more denials).

AND you get a photo of a super cute Ginger kesian face in the carrier. How can a cat look so kesian and cute at the same time??!!! Only Ginger can pull it off.

chankahyein said...

YES! Finally...http://myanimalcare.org/2014/05/11/cow-mau-waits-and-his-favourite-person-is-back-home/