Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bunny has a 0.5cm wound

This afternoon, at about 4pm, I noticed pink droplets on the floor in the room. It was puzzling and I didn't think of checking the cats. The droplets were not bloody; just pinkish liquid. There has been vomiting going on due to hairball inside and outside, so I brushed the droplets aside thinking it could be some vomit.

It was only after 6pm that Ming-Yi came back and carried Bunny that she noticed that Bunny was wet on his underside, below his armpit.

I checked and there found a wound of 0.5cm in diameter. It looked deep too. For first-aid, we cleaned the wound with Path-Away and sprayed some on it. Then I gave Bunny Vetri DMG and Transfer Factor.

I called three vets but all three had closed. So we could not take Bunny to the vet's today.

The wound actually looks dry now, but there is a soggy mass surrounding the wound and a tiny smaller wound beside the deep one. I can't think of how he could have got that wound. I only remember Bunny threatening Tiger earlier in the afternoon. There was no fight at that time, just noise.

Just now, I squeezed the surrounding area and some pinkish liquid was excreted from it. I hope I can squeeze out all the water (it's probably from the injured cells) so that it won't get infected.

We will take him to the vet's first thing tomorrow morning.

mini-P5230927 mini-P5230929

Of course he licks it, but not furiously. Path-Away is non-toxic so that's okay.


His appetite is as good as ever, so that's a plus point too.

If infection sets in, it would take sometime. I hope by tomorrow, we can get proper veterinary care for the wound.

mini-P5230931 mini-P5230923 mini-P5230924

I guess it doesn't look that bad, but I would want that soggy mass properly treated, of course.

I remember years ago, Bunny had to undergo lancing (under general anaesthesia due to a soggy mass that got infected). That was during the days when he was free-roaming in our old neighbourhood.

Bunny is FIV+ and 8 years old, hence, all injury, no matter how tiny, is not to be taken lightly.

Till tomorrow then...

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