Saturday, May 10, 2014

The art of cuddling Cow (without having to get a tetanus jab)

Carrying and cuddling Cow successfully without getting an ear bitten off or having to rush to the doctor's for a tetanus jab art.

Step 1: Only do it if you are confident and have NO fear.

Step 2: Scoop him up without hesitation, and in a quick semi-circular movement of both arms, from behind. Never attempt to carry him from the front (that would be suicide).

Step 3: Hold him in a such a way that his head is close to yours (pressing on your head or hair is wise) and his jaws are facing AWAY from any biteable parts on your face.


This is a safe pose: Hug him tightly and ensure his face his away from your face.

mini-P5100817 mini-P5100820

This is also permissible.


This is not advisable. Do so at your own risk.
(Note: The Cow-cat might bite off your nose in a moment of psychotic frenzy.)

A Cow-Cuddle should not last for more than 2 minutes. This is non-negotiable. Anything above 2 minutes is considered "over-petting" and any self-respecting Cow will retaliate by first giving a warning hiss or sometimes, if one is unlucky, there is no warning hiss. One would then have to quickly wash the bitten area with clean water and rush to the vet's for a tetanus jab.

Just before the 2-minute period is up, gently but confidently put the Cow-cat down on the floor, again, with his/her back towards you. Never face a Cow frontwards.


 Are all black-and-white cats slightly psychotic?

I seriously don't know!


jasmine ong said...

Awwwwww....Beautiful love ♡ ♡ ♡ Naughty, lucky Cow!

Peggy Quah said...

Ah ha! Not really my Bond n Max both black n white loves to be cuddled. They are a big bundle of fur balls to carry. Both on the heavy weight size like your cow. Hehehe

Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm said...

That's the same rule I have for mama-ngiao! Except when we go on our car rides, then mama can cuddle me for as long as the car is moving. Hmm, is that why we take such long car rides so often then-ngiao???

chankahyein said...

Oreo!! You are also a member of the Royal Guards?? A Royal Guard is a highly territorial and slightly psychotic cat (like Cow and Indy)! Are you?

Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm said...

I don't think so-ngiao. I share my territory with everyone and I'm not psychotic. I don't think I am.

Chen said...

Of course, you don't think you are, Oreo. It's because you are a thinking cat who thinks too much all the time.