Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rosie has a fever

Rosie did not come for dinner today, and I thought she was holed up somewhere due to the rain. I went to look and found her inside the big box in the porch. I thought she was afraid of the rain, so I brought a bowl of food to her but she wasn't interested.

After the rain, I brought food to her again, and still, she did not want to eat. I tried Monge, kibbles and Natural Balance. She had no appetite.

This isn't right. Rosie has never refused food before. In fact, none of my cats ever refuse food.  So the moment they skip even one meal is already a cause for concern.


Daffodil accompanying Rosie in the porch.

Rosie was still in the porch, which is good. Catching her would be tricky as she doesn't like being caught and she bites too.

Enticing her with food isn't going to work. Doing too much will only stress her and she could easily run away.

She did run out of the gate for awhile and I quickly retreated....patience, is important that I catch her and take her to the vet's. She went under the car as well. This called for no anxiety and careful planning. Cats can sense your stress and they will be stressed as well.

Finally, I managed to catch her without being bitten and brought her into the house. It was almost a miracle too that I managed to put her into the carrier as well and we were all set to go to the vet's.

It was 10 minutes to 6pm and I know with the traffic I wouldn't be able to make it to our vet, so we had to opt for a nearer vet.

Rosie also felt a little hot, or so I thought. Maybe she is having a fever.

A visit to the vet's is non-negotiable, especially when tomorrow is Sunday.

Traffic was okay on the way, but Rosie was stressed and kept whining. We reached the vet's just before the clinic closed for the day. There were a few patients before us.


We waited for more than an hour before it was our turn.

Rosie weighs 4.2kg (Yes, we know she and Ginger are fluffy cats; they look big but they are quite light. They aren't the big boned heavyweights like Cow, Bunny, Vincent or even Heidi). Her temperature was taken and it was 40.2 degrees. Yes, she has a fever and at 40.2 degrees, a cat would not have much appetite, the vet said.

The vet prescribed 10 days of Doxycycline. That should be good enough, he said. He also said to let her go without food for today since she has a fever. Once she gets better, she will start eating again. We did the pinch test and Rosie is not dehydrated.

So we drove home with Rosie whining again.

The moment we arrived, Daffodil was already waiting at the porch.


I put Rosie in Timmy's cage and fed her Vetri DMG first. The vet had given her the first dose of Doxy at the clinic.


Ginger thought he should also go into the cage, so he did...into the other cage!


Daffodil watched as I prepare the litter box, a box and towels for Rosie.


Timmy was concerned too.

What's wrong? What's wrong? Why do you have to be in a cage too? You don't snatch food, do you?

Hey, have you mixed us up? I'm Timmy, that's Rosie. I'm supposed to be in the cage, not Rosie! Goodness, you just cannot do anything right, can you?


There, Rosie...a litter box, a box with towel, and a bowl of water.


Daffodil was still watching closely.

But I know she trusts us.


Rosie was NOT happy at all. She whined and wanted to find a way out.


Ginger came to accompany Rosie and calm her down.


No self-respecting cat would agree to be caged, so Rosie tried to climb her way out.

I suppose it's good that she is protesting. It means she isn't that sick.


Vincent and Heidi were nearby too.


With Indy watching from the Stargate.

We've kind of known that only one of Indy's eye can reflect light. It must be due to the severe eye infection when he was first rescued (also with bladder and Eustachian tube (ear) infection).


Don't worry, sister, I'm here.


Ginger accompanying Rosie for the night.

I hope the Doxy works and Rosie will start eating tomorrow.


Juliana said...

Whoops, I think you have a typo ... You meant 4.2 kg and not 40.2 kg, right? (Your fingers probably got confused with the 40.2 degrees fever!)

Get well soon, Rosie! Your whole family, extended family too, is rooting for you

And while we fret about fevers and sickness in our furbabies, it might be a comfort to remember that a fever is a natural response of the body's immune system: Rosie's body may already be fighting off what sickness it is. Hopefully with the medicine and some rest, she'll be feeling better in no time.

irenelance said...

Sweet ginger....get well soon Rosie!

chankahyein said...

Yes and Yes. Thank you!

Yen Ling said...

Ginger is real sweet! I hope Rosie is getting better.