Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why I am angry (by Indy)

Indy has asked me to post this because he says it's unfair that the readers only hear the human's point of view in all these blogposts. He wants his cat-views heard today. Also because Bunny had his limelight over the "I'm not obese anymore" post, so Indy wants his today. ('s called "attention seeking", but hush, okay, okay, that's from a human's point of view).

So, dear readers, here goes...straight from Indy's mouth:

Today, I am very angry.

I am angry because Mum made new cat pillows and she should know I'm the cat-pillow king, but she let Bunny play with it first!

And Bunny went totally mad with the pillow, so what about me??

And to make matters worse, she even made a similar one for that outside cat, that OBESE cat they call Ginger.

That one who even has his own Carebears blanket and I don't even have an Indiana Jones or Spider-Man blanket...hmmmph!!

And then, Bunny let Cleo play with it.

Hey, what about me???

mini-P5270949 mini-P5270951
And that Ginger cat? He was gloating over his cat pillow!!

And then he let his mother play with it!!

What about me???

So you know what I did?

Heh heh...I had a plan.

Then, Mum came inside the room and started calling someone on the phone. I don't know what she was talking about but suddenly there was talk about adopting a dog??  

Adopting a dog??

What dog??!!!

So, that did it, I tell you....

I mean, that's as much as I can take already, right? There are already 7 cats outside the grille and one even gets his own blanket and cat-pillow? And now, a dog? 

So, I had to make my unhappiness known and you know these humans, no matter how much you send the message through telepathy and eye-language to them, they never understand, so I use the only language they will hear...and pay attention to.

I went to Mum's leg and...

 ...sank my claws into her leg.

Yes, and I scratched REAL hard 'coz I was already so angry with the cat-pillow and now, there's this talk about adopting a dog?!!

And as I was doing that, I smelled all the silvervine powder on her pants, so...

...I grabbed her leg and bit her. 

And this time, blood was oozing out from the bite and yet, Mom just waved me away and continued talking on the phone about that dog!!

mini-P5270955 (2) mini-P5270954
So I bit and scratched her again.

This time, Mum left the room.

I think she went to wash her leg or something. Then I heard her spraying Path-Away on the wounds. 

Later, Mum came back in and offered me the cat-pillow...

I don't want it, 'coz Bunny has played with it.

 I want a new one.

I'm feeling a little sheepish now...

Did I over-react? 

Oh, I did?

Oh time, let me have the cat-pillow first...please?

Ha ha! That is a satirical piece from Indy, but I think the main reason was the remnants of the silvervine powder on my pants. It attracted Indy to my pants and he, being the "drug addict" that he is, got high and that explains all the scratches and bites as that is how cats "attack" their cat-pillows!

So if you have a crazy cat like Indy, be careful if you are handling silvervine leaves or powder!

So now, I'm the human test subject for Path-Away. Let's see if it works!

indy angry

I plead temporary wasn't me.

It was the silvervine powder.

Did someone call me "crazy"? 



Norely Abd Rahman said...

Oh no! I'm sure Indy is really sorry......ermm.....I think I can see it in his eyes. Thanks for letting me know this. I get silvervine every time I buy the scratching board for my cats. I have to be very careful.

chankahyein said...

You don't have to worry unless your cat is a "druggie" like Indy. Indy goes high on a lot of things.

Yen Ling said...

Oh my! I hope those wounds heal quick and smoothly with Path Away.

Indy, Indy, tsk..tsk..tsk.. I don't remember him being aggressive and that bossy.

chankahyein said...

He was high on "silvervine drugs", so we forgive him! :)

belinda said...

Ohh dear! !

jasmine ong said...

Oh gosh!! I hope your wounds heal quickly with Path-Away. They look so painful :( Do be careful of Indy's 'wrath' and sudden attacks. This cat so fierce one ... :(

Wong Yoke Mei said...

Oh my... take care with those wounds and speedy recovery. Indy boy just got over excited... :)

Peggy Quah said...

Poor mummy you x know wen these kids wan to show temper....told you cccant call one without calling the other let alone giving the pillow to another in his presence ai yo mummy l can see la...sigh try Path - Away n hope you get well soon.

Chen said...

Agree with all the above, and ... GINGER! Just when I thought we have seen all his cute poses, comes another super cute pic of him. Unbelievable!

chankahyein said...

Yes, isn't Ginger unbelievably cute?

chankahyein said...

And everyone, please do not be overly worried that your cats would also turn crazy like Indy on silvervine. Not all cats react to silvervine.

Indy is....well, the cat equivalent of a curious child who might...say, sniff glue. He sniffs everything and then goes high.

Remember he licked the mosquito repellent off my leg and started foaming at the mouth and he even tried to lick Path-Away (he did, but there wasn't any reaction because Path-Away is non-toxic and completely safe!).

Conclusion: Indy is crazy. If your cat isn't crazy, you have nothing to worry about! My six other cats, in fact, 13 other cats, don't do what Indy does.