Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bunny's wound is infected but luckily he has no fever (and breaking news: Bunny is NOT obese anymore)

So we took Bunny to the vet's this morning.


This is my after-breakfast siesta, where are you taking me?


WHERE are we going???

Sorry Bunny, we have to take you to see the vet. It's for your own good.


I demand to go home!! There is nothing wrong with me! Take me home!!

The bunny-orchestra played in low tones, in the car, throughout the journey.


We were the first patient of the day.


Weight of carrier + Bunny = 8.14kg
Weight of carrier = 2kg

Hence, weight of Bunny = 6.14kg

6.14kg?? Bunny used to be 6.85kg in his hey-day (read: fat-days), then after Chitosan, he went down to 6.5kg a bit too fast which frightened me, so I stopped the Chitosan (however, the Chitosan did NOT work on Cow or Timmy).

Now, he is 6.14kg? Is that good news or not, I'm not very sure, so let's check with the vet later, Bunny.


I'm scared...

mini-P5240942 mini-P5240943 mini-P5240944

The vet checked him thoroughly, shaved off the hair around the wound and took a swab to look under the microscope. There is only one wound, not two. The smaller "wound" is actually a nipple (oh gosh, silly me!). The vet suspects there is abscess formed already.

mini-P5240945 mini-P5240946

With Batgirl's case this morning, I asked the vet about poisoning (will write in a separate blogpost later).


Yes, there are neutrophils (white blood cells). The wound IS infected.

But thankfully, Bunny has no fever. His temperature was 38.86 degrees. Phew! The vet explained that Bunny may have had the wound for a few days already, but it has already ruptured now.

Oh I see, so the pink droplets I saw yesterday was from the ruptured wound. The vet asked if Bunny was irritable for the last few days. They usually are with a wound like that and would feel better after it ruptures. Come to think of it, yes, Bunny was finding faults with everyone of the past few days. Gosh, the wound was already there and we didn't even know. I didn't suspect anything was amiss as Bunny's appetite was normal and he didn't look sick.

Since the wound has ruptured, lancing is not required. The vet cleaned the wound, drained off the pus and applied some iodine. I brought the bottle of Path-Away and the vet said I could use this too. Just continue pressing out the pus and apply either iodine or Path-Away.

An antibiotic jab (Clavomox) was given and Bunny will go on oral antibiotics for 10 more days. He ought to be okay.

And here's the breaking news: I asked the vet if Bunny was still obese. He examined Bunny closely and this is what he said (Bunny wants this documented and if possible, framed up on the wall): No, he is NOT fat. I can feel his waist, see? He is NOT fat. He has a waist. Just maintain him at this weight now. Your cat is not fat anymore. Maintain at this weight. 

Bunny wants everyone to read the above statements three times.

And Bunny is laughing at this previous post now:

I asked the vet if there is any cause for concern, the fact that Bunny has lost 400g since the last visit. The vet didn't seem to think so, but asked me to monitor if there is further weight loss. It would be good if I can maintain him at this weight and he should not need to lose anymore weight.

Hear that, people? Don't anyone call me obese or fat again....he he he.  

The "O" and "F" words are banned!

I'm just big-boned. You know, like James Earl Jones, Charlton Heston - big-boned and bulky, not fat! He he he...

No diet restriction anymore!

So we went home with Bunny's orchestra in the car.


I'm home, everyone!

mini-P5240949 mini-P5240950 mini-P5240951

 Bunny: Hey Indy, I went to the same nice vet. Did the vet say you're fat? He says I'm not fat anymore...yay!

Indy: I was never fat. Hmmmph!


No more diet restriction, right? I heard I'm supposed to maintain my weight, and I'm hungry now, so...

Tabs eats with the boys. She can really eat.


Pole also eats as much as the boys.

But Pole can maintain her supermodel svelte figure. I don't know how she does it!


It's Cleo who nibbles and doesn't eat in between meals.

*Jaga badan*


Chen said...

Yay! I was just thinking yesterday that Bunny has been looking mighty "shapely" nowadays. As for Pole's secret ... maybe its her name? You know, pole-like.

chankahyein said...

LOL! Pole is shortform for Polar Bear!!

Kelly said...

I not sure the secret of Pole in maintaining her model body. I have a cat name cookie ninja wa , eat as much as my other cat but still maintain her body weight . Her secret is .. while other were napping , she is on duty - walk here and there non stop :-D .

chankahyein said...

Ha ha...apart from Pole's jumping onto the ledge daily to spy around, she sleeps most of the time! Maybe the jump is exercise enough? :)

Kelly said...

Oh ya ..jumping is definitely a very powerful exercise for weight & muscle building. Ha ha ha .. our cat knows better !