Saturday, May 3, 2014

Run, shrews, run!!

Every time any other animal comes into Bunny's Place, I will go into panic mode.

Just the other night, a grasshopper came in and Tabs caught the poor little guy. I had to hold Tabs by the scruff of her neck and finally managed to get her to release the grasshopper. Tiger, Tabs and Cleo were going after the little thing, but luckily Mr Grasshopper managed to escape.

Then the next day, a small yellow bird flew into the pantry and although the bird was on the ledge, I saw Cleo leap up and caught the birdie in her mouth. I had a hard time getting Cleo to release the bird and Bunny was preying on the bird as well. It was madness, but finally I got Cleo to let go of the bird.

The birdie was still alive, and I grabbed a tshirt, pick her up and took her to the playground but by the time I laid her down, she had already died. Poor birdie...

But cats are hunters, especially the females, so that's the law of the jungle.... We can only do so much.

Dogs are different. Mac used to be a hunter when he was younger, but slowly, we managed to teach him to share his food with the shrews so he lived peacefully with them around him.

Dogs listen. Cats....well, cats will be cats.

So, just now, two shrews (from Mr Zurik's contingent) came into Bunny's Place and that got everyone excited.

Perhaps they came to save Mr Zurik from Heidi, but they were given wrong instructions, so they mistakenly came into Bunny's Place instead of the living room!

The cats went after the shrews and I tried my best to intervene.


Here's one of them. I was so worried he'd fall down, but he managed his balancing act and turned around.


This is the other one.


Bunny was going after the one in the pantry.


Indy and Tabs were chasing the one at the Clubhouse.

I was shouting for everyone to stop chasing the shrews.

Thankfully, the two shrews managed to escape in the nick of time!!


And luckily the PatioCats weren't around so I saw both shrews safe and sound in the patio.

With 14 cats in my house, I would plead for the shrews to please not come in....please.

Go do your KGB obstacle course training elsewhere, please! There is real danger here.


They got away, Pole. No worries. They are safe.


 I don't go after shrews...I go after cats.

I pick on people my own size. 


Polar bear said...

That is not a shrew. A shrew looks more like a mouse but with a pointed nose.

Some species of shrews are venomous.

What you have in the photo looks like a squirrel with its bushy tail. It can probably run and climb faster than the cats.

Chen said...

Hi Polar Bear! They are called tree shrews, very common in Southeast Asia countries. The Malay name for it is tupai - So yes, we can also call them shrews too.

Polar bear said...

Holy smoke, somebody is masquerading as a squirrel!!

I have to warn Scrat - the Nutty Squirrel from Ice Age -

I hope nobody will masquerade as a Polar Bear.