Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cats don't need luxury items

Yes, cats do need proper care and this includes veterinary care, medical treatment, good nutrition, enough space, etc. but they normally do not need luxury items as humans do.

For example:


A clean tiled floor on a hot afternoon is ideal for a snooze.

Can you see Cow?

cow hiding

He is inside here.


Cow and Cleo simply LOVE this hiding space. It's better than any tunnel toy that you can purchase from the shops.


They like high shelves too.

pole tearing paper

They love tearing up paper too.

brown paper

This brown wrapping paper has been played on for weeks and they are still not tired of it.


Sleeping on old towels.


The Editor's Chair is an old chair from our first dining set. It is at least 26 years old. But it is so comfortable and hardy. They don't make chairs like these anymore!


And cats love going into bags and boxes.






I recently refurbished Indy's Ultraman pillow. I opened the seams, took out all the kapok and washed the Ultraman case.

Then, I filled it back with remnant cloth and lots of silvervine powder.


Indy went totally crazy!


He threw Ultraman high into the high and pranced about playing with it.

What joy!

So yes, cats do not need luxury items.

Just given them proper care, practical toys and lots of love!

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Yen Ling said...

It is fun to watch pets play. Hilarious and definitely a joy!
p/s: Rusty door art by the titans?