Monday, May 12, 2014

Rosie's three suppers and breakfast

Last night, Rosie asked for supper...three times! Looks like she is making up for that one missed dinner on Saturday (when she had fever) and that's indeed a good sign.


This morning, Rosie was waiting for breakfast at the patio with everyone else.


Ginger already had breakfast in the kitchen with Tiger and Tabs so he is wondering why he's given another share again.

Nowadays, Ginger sleeps inside the house every night...on his Carebears blankie. Every morning he has breakfast with Tiger and Tabs in the kitchen, but he usually just takes a snack. Then, he will go to the patio sliding door and sit there, to wait for me to take food out to his patio family. Then, he eats again (his "real breakfast"!).

This morning, he had a bigger-than-usual morning snack!


Rosie is eating well.

mini-P5120839 mini-P5120840

 Tiger and Tabs get their daily playtime at the patio while the PatioCats eat.

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