Saturday, May 31, 2014

And who is the heaviest in Bunny's Place?

Today, we got a free weighing scale, which purportedly weighs very accurately!

So, I took the opportunity to weigh everyone in Bunny's Place.


You can even check your BMI.


Tabs volunteered to go first.


Tabs weighed 5.0kg (right after dinner) and 4.9kg (3 hours after dinner).


You're 4.9kg, Tabs!


Oooh...we are all waiting to know Pole's weight, aren't we?


There is NO way Pole is going to step on the scale, so I carried her to weigh and then subtracted my own weight.

Pole weighed 3.1kg (right after dinner) and 3.4kg (3 hours after dinner)!

HOW did that happen??


Er...shall we just take it as 3.1kg then?

My son, Jia-Wen, weighed more than that at birth!


Cleo weighed 3.7kg.


Muscle-Man (and Madman) Indy weighed 5.4kg.


Not an ounce of fat, so he ought to be okay.


Tiger weighed 5.7kg.

Bunny weighed 6.3kg (3 hours after dinner). Now, he was 6.13kg at the clinic and the vet said that would be his ideal weight, so...

Bunny: Now, wait a minute there...wait a minute, the vet said as long as I have a waist, I'm okay, remember? And I have a waist, so I'm okay, so don't anyone make an issue out of that measley 0.17kg. 


Topping the scale is 6.5kg!

So, in descending order of weight:

Cow 6.5kg
Bunny 6.3kg
Tiger 5.7kg
Indy 5.4kg
Tabs 4.9kg
Cleo 3.7kg
Pole 3.1kg

Isn't this fun?

Tomorrow, I will see which PatioCats I can weigh....!!

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Chen said...

Yes, what a fun post. New toy for all.

An idea ... if the scale can set the tare weight .. put a non-slip mat on the scale and a cardboard box. Anytime a cat hops into the box, you can check the weight.