Friday, April 26, 2013

What is a "Bunny Rampage"?

Somehow the two words don't go together, does it? Bunny and Rampage? It should not even appear in the same sentence, actually.

But it does....when you have a 6.85kg cat named Bunny who thinks he is master of all he surveys and delights in going on a bullying rampage at his whim and fancy.

This is what happened:

Yesterday, while I was at work, my husband took the following two photos below. Apparently, Bunny was on a rampage, and the situation had escalated to such an out-of-control stage that he just had to let the three non-Cows out of Bunny's Place.

It all started when Tiger was fast asleep, minding his own business, but Bunny decided to go over and wake him up rudely by scratching him. Tiger awoke, startled, and instinctively scratched back (as one would if a band of mosquitoes was to suddenly attack one's face when one is fast asleep). It was clearly a reflex action on Tiger's part, but Bunny was furious that anyone would dare retaliate instead of cringing in fear.

Hence, the encounter erupted to a red alert status within seconds.

With Tiger "fighting back" albeit only instinctively, Bunny went on a rampage to attack his next target.

I do not have the interim details, but in no time, Tabs was clawing at the grille to be let out.

There was also no report on Indy (we know he is the mysterious one and could go either way), but as the photos below show, Indy was also let out.

Due to the panic situation at that time, we apologise for the blurry photographs below.

Get out! Get out! Quick!

Tiger, rudely awakened from his sleep and attacked for no apparent reason, quickly comes out but is still visibly shaken.

Indy is seen in the background but one wonders if he was also a victim. With Indy, you'll never know.

After the three refugees had settled down.

Tabs appears to have had her fears contained and is calm but Indy is still on the alert for possible infiltration by the enemy.

I will not rest until the situation is contained to my satisfaction!

By the time the situation was under control, my husband had to go to work and he thought of letting Tabs stay upstairs but decided against it as the girl is also known to be quite an escape artist. So no, Tabs had to go back inside the warzone. Yes, it was a Catch 22 situation, it was between the devil and the deep blue sea, so difficult choices have to be made, sometimes.

Indy and Tiger would be able to fend for themselves and protect Tabs.

And by the time I came home, there was no trace of any skirmish or scuffle, so I was blissfully unaware of all the goings-on until I saw the photographs and heard the full report.

All seemed well to me...

You called? 

This morning, there were pockets of activity after breakfast, but nothing significant happened (thank goodness for that!).

And here is the chief aggressor himself, Mr Bunny Bun Buns:

Er're supposed to play inside the green tube, not sit on it and flatten it!

You want to say that again to me?

Sorry Bunny...of course you may do whatever you wish with the green tube...anything at all, Mr Buns.


 Oh-oh...the tides have turned.

As we've always said, you can never quite figure out Indy.

Is it full moon soon?

Come what may, I have to get to work now, so....pray for peace, folks!

Have a great day!


Joey said...

Yup, it's full moon again..... uh....looks like you may have weretigers around :p

Jasmine said...

After all his bullying done, Bunny settles himself comfortably on the bed with his legs spread. Tak senonoh punya kucing! But he really looks so cute LOL