Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daffodil and Mr G make closer contact

Daffodil has been coming to the grille more often...

 And she sits right outside the grille.

 We think she has decided to be the Patio Family representative to make friends (and peace) with Bunny's People.

Will Bunny's People reciprocate?

 Mr G came to say "hello" from above this evening.

 Indy is always on the lookout for such "visits".

 Hey, Mr G!

 I hope eventually Bunny's People will get used to seeing the outside cats on the ledge.

 But I know the inside cats wished they could walk on the ledge too.

Sorry kitties, if the neighbourhood were more cat-friendly, that may be possible. Unfortunately, it isn't so. So you are all safer inside Bunny's Place.

 I'm happy where I am...

That's really nice to hear, coming from once-upon-a-time escape artiste, Pole.

Remember when Pole escaped previously, it was always a 100% success? Those escapades were scary!


Chen said...

Curious. Has the owner/caregiver of Mr. G abandoned his original name of Jelly and has begun to call him Mr. G too? It's so difficult to see him as Jelly. The name Mr. G fits him so perfectly :D

chankahyein said...

She doesn't know we call him "Mr G". I refer to him as "Jelly" when speaking with her!

Chen said...

But he is famous as Mr. G !!!! LOL

mei leng said...

I like Mr.G, so arrogant!

Muhammed said...

Dr Chan,

Maybe I miss some of the postings regarding Mr G.
But I am quite curious, what does the "G" stands for ?

Agree with chen & mei leng, the name Mr G fits him more !

Maybe should start a petition for his owner to change his name to
Mr G permanently :)

chankahyein said...

Hi Muhammed, When we first moved in, Mr G (who is a back neighbour's cat) suddenly appeared at the ledge and my husband had a shock as his face was so big and his first thought was "Wow, he looks like a gorilla!". Hence, the name "Mr G" was coined. Later, we found out that his name is actually "Jelly" and he was only five years old last year! But by then, the name Mr G was already stuck and it suited him well as he was a constant visitor, especially for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Jasmine Ong said...

Ha ha ha ... he was a constant visitor, ESPECIALLY for breakfast, lunch and dinner ... SO CUTE!

Lucky one indeed to have wandered into your home by chance! Now this smart cat is assured of delicious, wholesome daily meals, 3 times a day :D

chankahyein said...

Actually, to be fair, we were the ones who intruded onto Mr G's "territory" because even before we moved in, this place (our present house) was Mr G's siesta home. I was told that there used to be many cats in his own house, so he liked to wander out. I guess after the former owner moved out, he moved in here (into the compound) and claimed the vacant property to be his! When we moved in, he was brave enough to keep coming back to what he knows as his "second home away from home"! We cannot expect a cat to understand buy/sell property and ownership, so the least we could do was to feed him and let him hang out.

Akmar said...

Jelly.. such a 'girly' name for a 'gagah-looking' cat..huhu! Tak sesuai.. Mr. G fits him just right..hehehe!

chankahyein said...

Yes, but Mr G is a classic case of looks being deceiving. He's actually a softie!