Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The plight of being an "Undercat"

We have the "Thundercats", and we have the "Undercats".

The "Undercats" is a minority organisation and there are currently only two members: Willy-O and Tabs. One outside and one inside. Of course between the two, Willy-O is a bigger victim than Tabs. The former is bullied by Vincent Valentino Starr, Mr G and possibly even Ginger while the latter is bullied by the Cow Family.

That being the case, feeding Willy-O is fast becoming a skill. A juggling skill, if you like.

 Yesterday, it was not possible to put the bowl inside the house compound, so I had to leave it right outside the gate.

 Willy approaches cautiously.

Yay! He eats.

 But he is on the alert for possible confrontation or distant aggression by the Patio Family.

The fact that it was peak traffic in the morning is no help either. With cars passing by, some way past the acceptable speed limit for a housing area, Willy could not eat in peace. He is also wary of the joggers and walkers passing by.

 So I brought the bowl in.

 By then, the Patio Family was already finishing their breakfast and Rosie was on the way out to see what was going on outside.

 I had to contain her at the bench area.

 Oh no, Chief Aggressor Vincent Valentino Starr is here.


He is elusive and determined to chase Willy out of the house.

So, I had to catch him (which wasn't easy).

 And confine him.

He wasn't happy at all.

You stay here, Vincent Starry ol' boy, just for a little while.

 By the time I went back outside, Willy-O was gone.

He was outside the house at this favourite waiting spot, by the drain, so I put the bowl outside so that he could at least finish his meal.

 A quick check, and everyone is still at the patio. That's good.

Mr G is keeping Vincent Valentino Starr company.

 Rosie is happily playing in her box.

Daffodil is inside the dining room.

 Oops, Timmy had escaped my cordon but he is happily rolling on the tiles just inside the gate.

Zippee-dee-doo-dah, Zippeedy-Day!
My-oh-my-oh what a wonderful day! 

 Soon, Rosie comes out.

 Followed by Daffodil.

The Patio Family uses our grass as their toilet. Oh well, never mind. It's better than doing it outside, making the neighbours angry and leading to dire consequences. At least when it's inside, we can pick up after them. I've tried giving them a litter box, but they prefer the grass or the flower beds.

 Mr G is also outside now, but he's quite contented resting under the car.

 Me Happy Timmy!

Happy Days are Here Again!
The skies above are clear again! 

 All still okay at the patio.

Willy-O is done. Oh good, there is some leftover which against assures me that he is probably getting some food from his house. Maybe he just wants to socialise with our Patio Family. Or reunite with Vincent Starr? But the latter seems to have forgotten him. Poor little Willy.

I found out later (though unconfirmed) that there are still occupants in Willy's house, so I hope he is still being fed.

 I let Vincent out.

Hello there...another tabby?

Where did you come from?'s Tabs.

She couldn't stand being inside Bunny's Place anymore with all the bullying so she practically begged to be let out.

Now, the poor girl is being bullied by Pole. The Cow Family is just so alpha. It must be in their genes.

 Er, Mr Vincent Starr, you're not going to bully Tabs, are you?

Will you let Tabs stay here?

 Tabs is so happy outside at the patio.

 Me! Me! Me! What about me?!! I give my permission for Tabs to stay here!

Me, me, me!! Ask me!! Ask me!!

Why, thank you, Timmy, that's mighty kind of you.

 Inside, Indy is NOT happy.

I don't know what his grouses are, exactly, but he is clearly NOT happy at all.

 Vincent guards the gate.

No one crosses over.

 Tabs decides that upstairs is safer and plays by herself.

She is SO happy if anyone comes upstairs because she can them ambush us and "wins" the game!

 But I have to put her back inside.

She is too adventurous to be left alone in the house, unsupervised.

 In close proximity of the encouraging and peaceful kind.

Kudos to Tiger for having been able to keep the peace for 7 years, living in the shadow of the Cow Family.
How does he do it?

I just close my eyes and radiate peace, and all will be well, says the former Undercat, now acting as adviser to the organisation.

Tabs would do well to learn this skill.


 I'm not sure what is happening here but it looks like Willy is making friends with Daffodil?

 Or intimidating her?

There's no fun being an Undercat, so circumstances might drive an Undercat to fight back.

Not much different from our human interactions, is it?


Yen Ling said...

Willy-O is such a beautiful cat!

Jasmine Ong said...

Willy-O is a very nice looking cat though just a little on the thin side now. I can imagine him filling out nicely and becoming even more beautiful after being regularly fed by you.

He is a lucky cat to have you looking out and taking care of him daily and may end up with a belly like Timmy ... LOL. Right now he is an outsider to the other cats and has to be wary of their bullying ways, poor thing! You're right Dr Chan, not much different from our human interactions :)

Timmy looks SO CUTE rolling on the ground. And he looks FAT and adorable ... LOL

Freyia said...

Life is never boring with pets around.

Akmar said...

Sukalah tengok muka Mr. G...If he were a human, he must have been the scruffy-rugged-macho type..hehe! ;)