Thursday, April 4, 2013

Indy's day out!

Since we were home all day today, we thought we should let Indy out of Bunny's Place as "compensation" for removing his launching pad and thereby removing his only avenue for fun and adventure.

But of course, Tabs was quick to sneak out first...

 A game of hide-and-seek in progress.

 We let Tiger out as well!

After all, these are the three "individuals" who do not have family, so to speak.

So, the Cow Family remained inside (Cow, Bunny, Pole and Cleo) and everyone was happy.

 Indy busied himself looking for a possible escape hole (there are none, Indy).


After all the chasing around, everyone settled down.

Indy was out for hours, but soon asked to be let back into the room!


...we let Cleo out as well.

 Of course Ms Tabs was still out, and Indy and Tiger had gone back inside.

The first thing any cat does is always to look for a way out, isn't it?

It is instinctive. And smart, I must say. So that you don't get trapped.

 Sniff, sniff!

By dinner time, after a whole day out, everyone was back at Bunny's Place for dinner.

 The after-dinner sojourn.

Notice how Cow and Indy stalk the Patio Gang whereas Tiger relaxes on the chair, grooming himself?

It's all about personality, isn't it?

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