Monday, April 1, 2013

Oh no! Spider-Cat strikes again!!

It's not like we haven't been on our toes, we checked Indy's nails last week and even though they were still short and blunt, we trimmed off the ends.

This morning, Bunny was trying to tell us something, but me being dumb (yes, so dumb!) didn't realise it.

Well, I knew something was amiss, because Bunny did not come for breakfast.

Bunny didn't come for breakfast????

Yes, he did not.

Instead, he was mooching at the "Corner of the Great Escape". He even stood up on his hind legs.

He was definitely trying to tell us something, but me being dumb, didn't realise it. Well, I did think that maybe Bunny was trying to tell us that some cat had been to the "Corner of the Great Escape" or maybe it wasn't the cat but the neighbourhood musang (civet cat). The neighbours had been complaining about a family of civet cats making their home in their attic.

Breakfast went on as usual. Indy was there for breakfast.

Then, my husband came downstairs, ready for work, but he asked if Indy had gone upstairs. I said no, Indy was in the room all morning. My husband said he thought he heard Indy upstairs.

Hmm...he must have imagined it, I thought.

Later in the morning, I was out with my son.

When we came back, I went into the room to do my work and suddenly, I saw a black-and-white cat outside in the dining room.

Eh...who is this new cat??

We don't have a black-and-white cat in the Patio Family.

I quickly came out and...

Oh no, it was Indy.

His body was all warm. Luckily he did not try to escape or run off.

I caught him and brought him back.

The moment I brought him back into the room, Bunny quickly went to the "Corner of the Great Escape".

 Bunny had been trying to tell us all morning about the great escape!!

Poor sorry I didn't understand him. And he is still trying to tell me now by showing me the place of the great escape.

 So it's here, right, Bunny?

Yes, I can see that there is a bigger hole now, right on top.

Could Indy have escaped all night??? And how did he come back into the room?? He was in the room this morning.  Don't tell me he has even perfected the art of scaling the netting to come back inside??

 I don't suppose Indy will tell us or show us how he did it?

He's licking his paws and probably saying, "You named me Indy Jones, didn't you? How can I be anything less?"

Hmmm....will renaming him Indy Gump help, I wonder. No offence to Forrest, of course.

 I've put this pail and yellow chair on the shelf for now.

And I would really have to hurry my contractor up with the polycarbonate. He said there was a delay in the galvanising process.

 A reward for Bunny....and the rest.

 How did he do it??

I just checked his nails. They are ALL BLUNT and very short. HOW did he do it???

 At this time, it's just Timmy and Mr G hanging out at the patio. Starry is at the shoe rack and Daffodil is on top of the car. Rosie and Ginger are usually at their "other houses" now. want to show us how you did it??

 The Spider-Cat rests...for now.


Connie said...

Oh no! Indy, please don't show to Pole!!

Chen said...

Indy must be feeling very proud of himself.

Sandra said...

Dr Chan, take down the other shelf.

chankahyein said...

Yes, but I don't know how without destroying it completely, so I'm waiting for my husband to do it when he comes back from work. Meanwhile...I'm monitoring Indy like a hawk.

Alicia said...

Naming him Indy Gump might not help. He might run like Forrest Gump!!!

chankahyein said...

OMG!! Yes, I forgot!