Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Spider-Cat the making

I have been waiting and waiting for that phonecall from the contractor to say that the galvanised frame for the polycarbonate pieces would finally be ready...

And just as I was about to give up hope, the phonecall came today!

Yes, the frames are finally ready and he would be coming in this afternoon to fix...

...The Spider-Cat Fence!!

It looks neater, doesn't it?

But it would definitely be warmer now, because the polycarbonate is not air-permeable.

Well, we don't have much a choice since Spider-Cat is so....agile and intelligent.

 Everyone waited inside...wondering what was going on outside, especially with the noise of the drilling.

Bunny was at the forefront.

 Indy, looking towards the wrong direction.

Yups, he is stalking the Patio Family, the object of his obsessive compulsion.

 Now, this corner is extremely, extremely tricky.

 It's taking quite a long time...

Do you think Indy can scale this?

 Hmm...we won't know, would we?


There goes my bonus for this year, build your Spider-Cat Fence!!

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