Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All peaceful outside

 Mr G is a regular at meal-times these days.

All is peaceful at the patio. There are no fights, except for Timmy trying to get to everyone's food because he eats at lightning speed.

 Licking every platter clean, Timmy?

 Timmy has no where to go. This is his home.

He is really, really good-natured and very well-behaved.

He's just extremely hungry most of the time (but he is dewormed). A natural big-eater, I would say.

 My G still hangs out at the Stargate after meals.

 He hasn't given up trying to be friends, but the inside cat-people are not interested.


cindy said...

Timmy - I think is the 'fear of hunger again' syndrom of an x-strayed cat.

My Pinky has the same problems when he first joined the family 17 years ago. It took him 5, 6 years before he finally understood there is always food for him. And took him about that long before he understood this 'human' would not kick him or beat him if he takes a bite of food from the bowl. He finally let me touches him, and dare to sit on my lap after 4 years. He weight slightly over 1 kilo when he came to the door. An adult cat of 4,5 years old.


mona said...

Mr.G looks much healthier and handsomer these days.