Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just how determined (read: stubborn) is Indy Jones?

This is how determined (or stubborn!) he is...

Indy has been spraying urine on the polycarbonate attached to the front door for some time now.

It is no longer Cow's "territory; it's Indy's now and what's worse is, I didn't foresee that Indy would purposely spray so high up until it's above the polycarbonate piece and so, if I don't catch it and wipe it off, it seeps through the double sided tape onto the door, and drips all the way down to the bottom (between the polycarbonate piece and the door...sigh.)

This evening, he came to the door and positioned himself to spray, but I stopped him with the water-gun. He ran off. Within minutes he came back and did the same thing. Again and again. All in all, he did it a total of SIX times. It's the same thing: He comes, sets himself in position, I shout, "No, Indy, No!". He looks at me, still determined to spray. I use the water-gun and spray at him. He runs out to the pantry. After minutes, he comes back and repeats the entire episode.

SIX times...like clockwork.

 That's Indy Jones for you!

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