Saturday, April 27, 2013

The aftermath of the Indy-Vincent battle

After yesterday's very fearful and fiery Indy-Vincent battle which resulted in flying fur and two drops of blood, this morning, everyone was given Monge Cat as a treat (read: compensation for the humans' failure in keeping the peace).

 When feeding Monge, you can't even find time to take photos because the delicious food gets eaten up too fast!

Here's Bunny licking up the last bits from everyone else's bowls.

 Happy Cow, after breakfast.

 The other happy cats.

We hope Indy is happy too?

 Outside, everyone is also excited because they know it's Monge Day today.

 The Patio Family eats more than Bunny & Friends. Everyone outside is a big eater!

I had to put Timmy inside the cage or he would wallop everyone's food.

Timmy guzzles his food in no time, as quick as lightning.

 While the rest were eating, I quickly went out to the porch to feed Willy-O.

 Poor Willy, he will get some Monge too today.

 Making sure the rest are still busy.

 Yay! Willy gets Monge today!

 The rest are finishing now...

Rosie bullies the rest. She always puts her hand on another cat's head. That's how she intimidates.

 Meanwhile, Tabs asked to be let out.

 Indy and friends are watching from the Stargate.

 Willy is still eating...good, good.

I have to juggle now and ensure the Patio Family won't come out too soon, or Willy won't get to finish his breakfast.

 Ginger is out! I quickly restrain him.

 Ginger is very docile and quite easy to restrain. But this only happened after he was confined for 2 weeks (after being bitten by Mr Quack) and another 7 days (after being attacked and bitten by Cow).

 Rosie is also out.

 So is Daffodil.

Then, I heard my husband calling for Tabs. Oh no, where has that girl gone to.

By the time I located Tabs (she was at the pandan bush), and came out, the peace had been disrupted and the "restraining order" violated by...

 ...Mr G!!

I chased Mr G away (sorry, ol' boy).

But it's too late. Everyone is out now and Willy fled.

Found Willy at the culvert (his favourite waiting spot) so I left his bowl outside.

He had already eaten quite a bit, so I'm not really worried about him going hungry. The Monge had all been eaten up.

 Back at the patio, Indy is watching Tabs.

 And looks like Willy won't get to finish his breakfast anymore.

Daffodil is eating it!

 And Starry too.

 I left the bowl outside. Hopefully Willy will eat it up later, if he wants.

 Everyone is here.

 Including happy-go-lucky Timmy!

 Happy Days are Here Again!
The skies above are clear again.. 

 If only all cats (and humans) can live so simply (and happily), then peace shall prevail in heaven and on earth!

Let us sing a song of cheer again,
Happy days are here again!! 

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