Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Playing in the Tube, anyone?

With Connie's scary experience of the 2m long python coming right into her compound and the fact that the council grass-cutters came to our area this morning, we were wary that there might be another "incident", so my husband decided to wire-net our front gate, at least as a deterrent.

The Patio Family can still use the top of the dustbin compartment as an entrance and exit. All of them do, anyway.

The remaining of the green netting, we fashioned into "tubes" for Bunny and the Cats.

Take a look, it was the highlight of the day for them...

Tabs and Indy were the first to check it out.

 Cow & Bunny came next.

 Indy, the adventurous one.

 Tabs did one round and she's out of the Tube.

 Is it safe?

 I'll play it safe and watch from here. Let the boys try it out first...

 Oh, oh...Cow got stuck!

Didn't he use his whiskers to "measure" the tube first, before going in? I thought that's what cats do...

(We later made this tube bigger in diameter.)

Er...Pole didn't know about it.

Cleo decided to watch from a closer distance, but to try? No way!

 You want to try, Pole?

No? Oh, ok. I didn't think so too. You're more of a high ground traveller, you say?

 Indy had a field day! He as so happy with it.

In a way, I'm glad that at least we've created a new game for him. The poor boy needs some mental and physical challenge.

 Aww...it's Tiger.

Indy loves it!



 Our own gardeners came as well and the grass was cut later in the evening.

 Er...why is Indy out here now?

Oh, we let the threesome out into the living room and Indy sneaked out by pushing the kitchen window open.

No aggression with Ginger, thank goodness.

Tabs went upstairs to play hide-and-seek.

This is her ambush post.

 She LOVES it whenever anyone goes upstairs and she gets to carry out a successful ambush!

Yay!!  I win!!

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