Monday, April 29, 2013

The Royal Guards of Bunny's Place (by Bunny)

I have a team of very trustworthy Royal Guards. They keep the place secure so me and my subjects can sleep all times.  

You humans have a problem with security in your area? Well, I don't.

 See what I mean?

They do such a good job that even while asleep, they are ON GUARD. 

And you humans think you have it all figured out? 

We felines respect a security cordon. We live by the Rule of Law at Bunny's Place. our cat species, black-and-whites make good guards...'coz they are fierce, did you know that? They still have their killer instincts intact. Don't mess with them. 

 This is called the Single File Formation. 

It works just as well.

 This is the "One napping, One awake" Formation. 

 It works even better...

 In fact, we think it works too well...

Help!!  I cannot come in!!

Ha you!!

Was just pulling a fast one on you!!

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Rachel said...

Hi Dr Chan,

Just want to share a nice story with you