Monday, April 22, 2013

Close encounters of the Indy kind

 Every day, Indy asks to be let out.

He makes this "Maaa" cry-out, especially when I'm out of the room.

 Inside, as you know, the Cow Family rules (and bullies).

 But Indy is no pushover.

 He stands his ground too, and occasionally, even Cow kowtows to him.

 Yes, he is not easily bullied as Tiger and Tabs are.

But today, Indy insisted on coming out, so being Sunday, why not?

I let him out.

Ginger and Timmy were in the patio.

I missed a priceless shot of Indy and Ginger touching noses. Didn't have my camera with me. The Patio Family have had their vaccination boosters all done (everyone except Daffodil who shouldn't need it as she has survived outdoors for more than 10 years now). See this It talks about the dangers of over-vaccination.

Indy just wants to explore the pandan bush.

He seems to like it a lot. I think I'll plant some pandan over at Bunny's Place. Cleo likes bush-exploring too. It's a sort of "jungle-trekking" for them.

Ginger was keen to make friends.

 Timmy decided he'd play it safe and stayed by me.


Watcha doin', Indy? 

If it's a game, can I play too?

 Hey, whose side are you on, anyway?
(Bunny seems to be asking.)

 Timmy is not even on the defensive.

He's an "alien-cat". He fears no one.

And must be the camera or the angle that's making Timmy look exceptionally fat in this photo.

Ginger accompanies Indy as the latter inspects every thing in the patio.

 Indy ventures further out.

Ginger follows.

 Who has been here?

Timmy plays it safe and watches from afar.

 Daffodil watches from atop the car. Smart girl she is.

 Our dinner guest, Mr G, doesn't seem to know what is going on.

 Indy says hello to his old table.

This table is from our old house and Indy used to love it a lot. He spent his childhood playing on it, with Vixey, Kimba and Suki. Sobs...they are all gone now.

 Oh, oh...Indy is going to jump up onto the ledge and that would be a nightmare.

So no, no, Indy...shall we end today's adventure and get back to Bunny's Place?


 Tabs is Indy's friend.

 We'll go out again another day, Indy, okay?


Joy E. Saga said...

With regards to the vaccination, I too am considering whether I should be giving my broods their annual vacc. I feel they are healthy and perhaps should go for 3-yearly istead or not at all :-) I shall give them better nutrition instead and hope for the best.

chankahyein said...

From what I understand from this article (by Dr Pierson) as well as some other articles, there is definitely a danger of over-vaccination. For my brood, I did the two-vaccination schedule at their baby stage and thereafter, opted for one annual booster and subsequently, the three-yearly schedule. But since hitting 7 years, I think I might just do away with it entirely especially now that they are confined. For Tabs, I did the two-vaccination (baby dose) and I think I might not even do another booster anymore as she is also confined now (Dr Pierson suggested that the baby dose might just give lifelong immunity). For those who are always in contact with new rescues or strays, the boosters may be very necessary. I think shelter animals get a booster every year. It's all about the environment they are in too (whether they are exposed to contamination and diseases).