Saturday, April 6, 2013

All is well at Bunny's Place (Spider-Cat Fence impenetrable)

I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed that Indy had escaped and was walking on the ledge. It woke me up and before I allowed my mind to conjure horrible possibilities, I quickly came downstairs.

Checked the room....Phew! Indy is in the pantry, waiting eagerly for breakfast.

 A "thanksgiving" breakfast of Monge was served.

What are we thanking for? Well, that no one escaped! Or worse, escaped and got hurt.

Here are some photos taken last night...

 Indy was trying to figure out a way out all night, until midnight.

I guess he is both curious and ambitious. After all, the polycarbonate is transparent, so it does give a "new view" and it will invite him to try since he can see more of the outside now. On hindsight, I could have requested dark coloured polycarbonate so that the outside view would not be so crystal-clear, but never mind. It's already done. Lack of foresight...sigh, so what's new? Cats vs humans? Cats win hands down!

 We just have to check on Indy - check!

 And Pole - check!

I doubt the rest are looking for adventure.

Let's hope today will be a boring, uneventful, very routine and peaceful day at Bunny's Place!!

Catch me if you can, Tiger!

Now, isn't this how cats "should" be?

Play all day and have fun?

Ha ha...and who are we to dictate any "should" to cats or what "fun" is to them!

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