Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's happening at Bunny's Place (and more escape stories)?

Ever since the polycarbonate went up and the two shelves went down (and got reinstalled in a different place), here's what has been happening at Bunny's Place.

 Indy claimed the new sentry post on the day it was installed.

Tiger investigated the new Jungle Walk.

 The rest of the infrastructures and its popularity remain unaffected.

 Bunny also took up sentry duty.

 And so did Cow.

Looks like this sentry post can now be called the "Senior Sentry Post".

Note: the contractor had wanted to join up this shorter shelf with the long one, but I told him to leave a gap. I think that gap makes a world of difference to the cats. It becomes an entity on its own (yes, because of that gap). Actually, I had wanted it reinstalled on a higher level but he had already nailed in the wedges.

 For the jumpers, this seems to be a favourite new lookout point now that the double green netting has been replaced by the clear polycarbonate.

 One gets a nice view from here, but one has to be nimble (and light) enough to scale up to this ledge and tiptoe on it to get to the lookout point.

Pole likes it too, and she seems to be the only one nimble (and resourceful) enough to turn her body around.

Pole and Cleo get up onto the ledge by jumping/scaling the wall from the pantry slab.

Indy (aka Spider-Cat), however, may use a different route.


 Spider-Cat balances himself on the clothes line.

He makes a leap for the ledge and his front legs hook onto the ledge.

Note: His nails are still short and blunt, but Spider-Cat seems to have figured out a way to do what he wants, albeit the short and blunt nails.

 He's up!

There are two lookout points on the ledge (the North Point and the South Point). The North Point has tinted polycarbonate and it looks into Mr G's backyard.

After a lookout session, Spider-Cat replenishes his water intake.

 At other times, when boredom sets in, Spider-Cat takes a nap inside the green tube.

Tiger looks on. He thinks the green tube looks fun, but he is a little afraid to try. Walking through it is fine, but to take a nap in it?? That takes lots of courage to do. I mean, what if you get ambushed from both sides while you are inside the tube, fast asleep? What would you do then? How would you escape? No sirree, Tiger will not take chances.

At yet other times, Spider-Cat takes charge at the grille, assisted by Miss Tabs.

 Timmy is ever ready to be friends, and Daffodil seems to be representing her family on a peace mission here.

 The Spider-Cat...what will you do next, sir?

 The second escape artist.

Tabs did a major escape last night...onto the "Roof Walk". She sneaked out, scooted upstairs to our bedroom, scaled the green netting and went onto the roof. By the time we realised she was gone, it was "too late", ie. she was nowhere to be seen. I called and searched like a mad woman, going up and down the road, straining my eyes to look into the dark night and shaking the Halo Livs a Little treat jar. The neighbour's dog responded by barking each time I called out and we were really worried the neighbours would not be happy.

It was a nightmarish half an hour and things weren't looking good at all, because Tabs would usually come back when she hears us calling. My husband joined in the search as well. And after half an hour, I decided I should print out her photo and put flyers into every postbox (yes, it was near midnight) but I thought I should just open my son's bedroom door (which was closed at all times).

When I did, a Tabs-looking cat casually walked out. Very casually and nonchalantly.

I wasn't sure who it was at first as I wasn't thinking right already by then.

But yes, it was Miss Tabitha Jane Spencer, alright.

We figured she must have come out through our bedroom window, did a roof walk all around the house (had a marvelously enjoyable adventure) and entered my son's window only to be "trapped" in his room because his bedroom door was closed. And when we were calling out for her like mad, she was probably just hanging out in the room wondering what the commotion was all about.

Duhh...where's the fire? 


Yen Ling said...

I so know that feeling of being outsmart by a cat!!! . Here you are all panicky and going crazy with a zillion negative 'what-ifs', your cat just stare and walk away calming and thinking, silly humans! I wish there is a Feline Psychology course or something. :)

Chen said...

Timmy looks like a calf when he is sitting like this in the pictures :D. Are you sure he is a cat? Maybe he is a new sub-species of some sort. He's too tame, obedient, sweet, home-loving, etc to be a real cat, could he?

chankahyein said...

Yes! He could have dropped down from the mothership, right smack in the middle of my road (similar to Mr Bean's entrance to Planet Earth)! And he didn't know there were homes, so he lived in the blue dustbins, and he wasn't even sure if he was supposed to run like a dog or hop like a rabbit, so he did both! And he could talk! Only we didn't understand what on earth he was saying! Oh wow...an intelligent species had descended on us in the guise of a pseudo-cat and we didn't know!! LOL!!

Chen said...

Should also include his bottomless stomach. Maybe he got 4 stomachs like a cow?

chankahyein said...