Thursday, April 18, 2013

Some Patio Family photos

 Ginger taking up his sentry post and Timmy at this (now upgraded) dustbin compartment.

 For once (and this a very rare sight), the son is grooming the mum!

Normally, it is the other way around.

 Mother-and-daughter's favourite nightly sojourn. Sometimes, son joins them too and you'll find a delightful sight of the family of three on top of the car!


Starry has a new name now. My son decided he should be called 'Vincent" (reminiscent of the song "Vincent" (or more popularly known as "Starry, Starry Night" being the first line of its lyrics). So we are calling him Vincent as well as Starry (hope it won't confuse him), but his "full name" has both, ie. Vincent Valentino Starr.

 Mr Vincent Valentino Starr, at your service?

Mr G is a regular at the patio but normally, only during meal times. And he is really a gentleman in that he doesn't fight for food. He would wait patiently to be served. He knows the green bowl is his.

Who fights for food?

The calf-goat-kancil pseudo-cat, Timmy!!

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