Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"The Corner of the Great Escape" - Dismantled...or so we think?

First thing this morning...

 Indy was let out of the condo and he made a beeline to "the Corner", with Bunny in tow.

The shelf got to go, also because my contractor says there is a major delay with the polycarbonate...sigh. We just cannot risk Indy making another grand escape.

 I brought Indy inside so that he didn't have to suffer the heartache of seeing his shelf "go".

Sobs...sorry, Indy ol' pal.

 Pole thinks someone is chasing her.

Poor Pole...

 Who is chasing you, Pole?

 This shelf is harder to dismantle...

 We've placed it temporarily here for now...should be safe, right?

Indy cannot possibly launch from here, I'm sure.

My plan is to get the contractor to fix it here (at this height). Cleo loves to "walk through the jungle". It will be a little jungle lookout point for Cleo later on. For now, we could not dismantle two of the wedges, so we'll have to wait for the contractor to come.


 Indy looking at what's left of his launching pad.

We've even moved the chairs (Tiger and Tabs have quickly claimed ownership) away from "the Corner" so that "the Corner" is cleared of all possible launching pads.

 Mr G came to see what was going on too.

And this is why Indy wants to go out. He sees other cats on the ledge and he thinks it's real fun.

 And he also sees the Patio Family at the patio.

 More inspection.

The shelf soon fell down.

Oh well, never mind. Will have to wait for the contractor to fix it properly.

 So sorry, Cleo. We know it's not fair to you, but some decisions are made for a greater good.

We'll make it up to you soon (with your new jungle lookout point)!

Thus ends the Adventures of the Spider-Cat...

Or does it?

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