Friday, April 12, 2013

No more "Corner of the Great Escape"...for now

Today, the contractor had some free time to come install back the two shelves for us. He needed his power drill which he hadn't brought along the last time.

We couldn't quite decide where to put the two shelves. It would such a waste to discard them as it's cengal wood - very hardy and lasting.

We thought of "trying" out the former spots but lower. However, on second thoughts, better not risk that. There is no telling what Spider-Cat is capable of doing.

We thought of installing them in the patio for the Patio Family too. But better not, it would only encourage them to use it as a launching pad to jump and sit on the ledge and that may not be a good thing as it's a shared ledge (with the neighbour).

So we decided on my earlier idea of the "jungle walk" for Cleo.

 We'll place the shelf here, very close to the ground.

 As an added precaution (against being poked by the woody stems of the Murraya) and a novelty, we put a green tube on it.

 Indy tested it out (not on his own, though). We placed him on the shelf.

 Meanwhile, Indy has not given up trying to find a way to get out into the "real world".

 There would be a ledge session every day.

 Perhaps he only wants to peep into the neighbour's garden to experience a change of scenery?

And while the contractor was drilling outside, all 7 cats had to be confined in Bunny's Room. Now, this is always a problem because Bunny finds that far too "crowded".

And when Bunny feels this way, he starts bullying everyone who crosses his path.

Tabs was the main target. It got so bad until Tabs was practically crying to be let out. We had to let her out as she was frantic. Poor Tabs dashed upstairs and took up position in her ambush sentry point at the top of the stairs.

Over in the room, this time, we saw a turn of events.

Someone decided to stop the bully.



Pole couldn't stand Bunny's bullying anymore (though she was not a target), so she attacked Bunny!

And guess who won?


 And after Pole attacked Bunny twice, Bunny sat down obediently.

And nobody got bullied anymore after that.

 Don't mess with me.
(I'm all muscle.) 

Pole may be one-third Bunny's size and weight, but she is far more superior in agility and far less tolerant of bad behaviour!

She will put things right. Make no mistake about that.

We put the (previous launching pad) small shelf in line with this long one. We thought putting it a little higher for some perspective and style but Between looking pretty and preventing heart-attacks, I vote for the latter.

As long as the clothes line is pulled out, we know the rounded bar doesn't provide enough surface area for a launching pad. Indy has tried, but decided he couldn't get a good enough footing. 

The green tube on the long shelf (a.k.a the Jungle Walk).

 I am not sure if Cleo would like this.
I hope it provides some sort of "compensation" for taking away her favourite lookout post.

Cow checks it out.

And hence, the "Corner of the Great Escape" is no more...for now.


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Iela Lullaby said...

Hope oneday i will get own home like this...for my furries :)