Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rooftop rescue at midnight

Yesterday, we had another near-heart attack.

A cat was stuck on the roof outside our bedroom window.

The thing was, the cat was having a good time out there on the roof. Only we were dead worried.

"Bring the treats, bring the treats!", my husband shouted from upstairs.

I grabbed the jar of Halo Liv a Littles and dashed upstairs.

We shook the jar.

The cat heard the sound and stopped mooching on the roof.

We kept shaking the jar and calling the cat.

Soon, the cat came near enough for me to grab her leg.

Got one leg!

We pulled her in through the bars of the grille (it took two people to do this) and settled her onto the tabletop.

Of course, we gave her a Liv a Littles treat so that she would associate "coming in" with "getting food". It's called "positive reinforcement" for positive behaviour modification.

"Give her whatever she wants", my husband said.

Ok,, have another piece of treat.

The cat happily ate it all up.

Then, I took her down and settled her in...

And who might she be?

Me!! Me!! Me!!

 Wanna play hide-and-seek?

 Bet you cannot find me....

Where am I now? 

 He he he he...

What would I do without this?


Maneki Neko said...

Tabitha Jane Spencer, you wicked cat!

chankahyein said...

LOL!! And she'll just look at you with those big round eyes!

cindy said...

but it might send the wrong message ... Tab might think next time she wants treats, she just go up to the roof :))

But I sure hope not!

Chen said...

Tabs wants her own rooftop story too. That's why she went up :D