Saturday, April 6, 2013

As expected, Spider-Cat tries again!

Cats vs humans?

Cats win hands down.

Yes, we, with all our technological know-how and computer knowledge, cats still win hands down.

 After cleaning up the place and picking up all the debris, I let the cats out to explore their "new" place.

 The contractor didn't have the tools to put back the shelf (lower, nearer to the ground) so I made a make-shift ramp for them to play on.

 Indy wasn't too interested in his new fence. He would rather stalk the Patio Family.

 I've looked at this corner umpteen times. I think it is Indy-proof, but I may be wrong.

Indy, is it you-proof?

If only....all my cats were as contented as Tiger.

 Pole seems to be calculating, this is NOT a good sign.

Then, we thought it would be safe, so we went to the kitchen to have dinner and suddenly...

I saw Indy...

Oh, no, no. Down Indy, down!!

The contractors had closed the clothes line and it now serves as a plausible launching pad.

 DOWN, Indy!!

 I quickly pulled the clothes line out.

Nope, I'm not even going to let him try.

After one hour...

 Oh no...he is still calculating.

I think I need to call the contractor back next week to place polycarbonate across the shorter bent part of the frame. Right now, there is none. I think Indy might try to launch off somewhere and hook himself onto the very top of the polycarbonate piece now.

 Snow White passes by...

(According to her owner, she could not get her spayed in time and she's just had another litter, but she will get her spayed this time, after she's done nursing her new babies).

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