Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rosie vs Tabs?

Poor Tabs has been the target of Bunny's bullying for many days now, so whenever possible, we let her out.

She's very happy when she is out.

 But this morning, Rosie had also come into the house.

And Timmy too, but Timmy is a peaceful alien. I mean, cat.

Gone are the days where we think aliens want to conquer our planet. They are too smart for that! They come in peace now...sometimes in the guise of harmless feline furry friends.

So, Timmy doesn't fight with Tabs. In fact, they touch noses and are friends.

But Rosie fought off poor Tabs when Tabs came near, so...

 Poor Tabs had to go upstairs.

 Such a sweet face, but she can also be quite a bully.

In fact, over at the pavilion, she bullies the other cats.

 A force to be reckoned with too.


Chen said...

Tabs have really mastered the "cute-gila-muka-kesian" look!

chankahyein said...

Yes, and she has mastered other looks as well. All categorised under 'cute gila'!

Chen said...

Her "cute gila" power is a magnetically strong force to be reckoned with too :D

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Tabs is soooo adorable! But then again, so are all you kitties (despite being bullies).