Monday, April 22, 2013

Feeding Willy-O

 Breakfast was as usual at the patio this morning.

Then, I saw a smallish ginger cat peeping from the wall. He had come all the way into the porch and was barely 4 metres away from the breakfast spot at the patio.

Poor Ginger...he must be hungry and lonely.

I did see him sitting under a car parked by the roadside near to our house last night when it was drizzling. I think the people in his house have gone away and he is alone again.

 So I put a bowl of food for him near the bench. Of course he first ran off, but came back quickly to eat.

The poor boy must be hungry.

I quickly came back to ensure all 6 patio-people are still that Willy can eat in peace.

 Yes, eat Willy, eat. There's more if you want.

 Oh oh...the patio-people are finishing their food and Daffodil and Rosie are coming out to see what is going on at the bench.

Sensing danger, Ginger ran and hid under my car.

I quickly moved the bowl to a further spot behind my car.

Ginger continued eating.

 I kept Rosie busy on the bench. She has a tendency to bully.

I couldn't stop Daffodil. She is far too elusive.

 Oh no, Ginger is here too.

 Daffodil probably told Ginger not to interfere and Ginger, being good, listened.

So, both mother and son stalk the other ginger cat from afar.

 A quick check on the patio. Oh good, Mr G and Vincent are still eating.

Er...where is Timmy?

 Oh, here he is, minding his own business...well, yes, literally minding his "business", actually.

 Ginger finished all his food, so I walked over and replenished his bowl.

 Oh no, Timmy saw the food and came over quickly.

Timmy! I gave you a double portion just now. Haven't you had enough??

Obviously not, I guess.

 I think it's too late to prevent a possible confrontation. Everyone is out here.

Yes, including Vincent Starr.

But Mr G is still at the patio, polishing up all the bowls.

I quickly come back to the patio and thankfully, everyone followed me back. I think it's because they heard the clanging of the bowls as I was washing them in the sink. They think there is more food. But really, just how much can these patio-people eat?? They all seem to have bottomless stomachs, including pint-size Daffodil. She alone can eat more than Bunny can.

Vincent Valentino Starr is not fooled into coming back. He (thinks he) has a bigger mission.

 To stalk poor Willy.

 Daffodil gets to the food.

 I managed to restrain Timmy.

Elsewhere, inside the house, Ginger and Rosie play. Or, were they fighting?

 I think this time the play got too rowdy and it turned aggressive.  I had to chase Ginger away and poor Rosie was hiding here.

So you're a bully too, eh?

I guess the more confident they become, that bully instinct will set in.

 And while this was going on, Mr G was watching from the patio, wondering why on earth people have to fight...

And to think that Mr G had "found' this home-away-from-home because there were too many cats in his house, now it's the same over here as well.

Sigh...never mind. They will learn soon, if not now. 

Why fight when you can have peace, enough food and water and a nice shelter to stay in?
What more can a cat possibly want? 

Tsk, tsk, tsk...


Akmar said...

That pic of Rosie under the bench is soooo cute..reminds me of that 'Puss-in-Boots' look..hehehe!

Jasmine Ong said...

Tabs and Rosie are sooo beautiful, fluffy and adorable looking. So geram :)

But then again, all your cats (including the patio family) are all healthy and good looking cats with beautiful coats, thanks to your loving care and time spent on them.

I am not exactly a cat person but fyi, I am never tired of reading your delightfully written tales of their antics and seeing their cutesy photos :)

It made me smile from ear to ear :))

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Jasmine! It is our duty and privilege to look after them. An opportunity to do some good with our lives, to help the needy ones.