Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Poor Indy...

Indy had been quite unhappy all day ever since we "tore down" his launching pad this morning. I don't blame him. Just as he had found something so exciting and adventurous, we had to curb and literally destroy his newfound hobby, ambition and achievement. That would be quite a blow on any Indy.

I hope we can somehow make it up to him...

Hopefully he finds something new to do, something that won't endanger his life.

Looking at his fallen launching pad tonight...

Sobs...I feel for you, Indy. And we're really sorry but doing your Spider-Cat act is just too dangerous because you might fall over to the house with the two large dogs.

Have already hugged him a lot today, but it didn't help.

Oh well, sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind...hopefully Indy will understand one day.

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