Saturday, April 20, 2013

A William-Vincent showdown at dawn

There was a showdown at dawn this morning....

 It was between William and Vincent (aka Willy-O and Starry).

Who do you think is winning from the looks on their faces?

Vincent, actually. He can be really the I-stand-my-ground type. Passive aggressive?

I had to avert the fight, so very quickly, I rushed to the patio and made a breakfast call.

I broke protocol today, because normally I would feed Bunny & Friends first (to prevent possible jealousy attacks...on poor me). But it's a little too late for that as I got bitten by Indy again yesterday. Indy is on a jealousy rampage, but that would be another story altogether.

 Breakfast, everyone!! Come, come!

Everyone is here except Vincent (the aggression is still going on outside in the porch).

Breakfast time, everyone!!

Vincent comes (ah..the call of food, who can resist it?)

But Ginger confronts Vincent and seems to be saying, "Eh, what have you got against ginger cats, huh?".

 Once I got everyone eating at the patio, I quickly left a bowl outside the gate for Willy-O.

He comes very quickly and cautiously....eats.

Ooh...we are hungry, aren't we?

I don't know what is going on at Willy's house because it seems like the family is moving again. And Willy has been coming to our gate ever since that happened. But in the first place, I don't know if Willy belongs to them or he just takes shelter in that house. The last time they appeared to move, Vincent and Willy-O both came over, but Vincent (who was quickly named Starry because he walked tall like a Star Wars walker) got a place at the patio. Willy-O disappeared after a few days and I had not seen him at all until the family moved back. Willy-O appeared to have come back with them and now they appear to be moving again.

 All is still well at the patio....

 Another quick check on Willy-O. The poor guy is so cautious and afraid.

 Eat, my friend, eat. There's plenty of food for you.

 Back at the patio, breakfast is done and Vincent is on the aggressive mode again.

This time, he seems to want to take it out on Mr G, our guest.

 Willy-O is done outside. There is left-over food.

Either he has fled or he's not really so hungry after all. I hope it's the latter as this would mean that he is being fed elsewhere.

 Vincent goes after Mr G.

Our guest runs back home.

Looks like Mr G's twice-daily free meals may be hindered by Vincent current temperament.

By the way, we may be at fault too as Vincent has been getting a lot of VIP treatment these few days. He comes into the house, chills out on the sofa, and last night, he came upstairs and slept on the bed. Vincent has been getting "too much face"?

 After Mr G is gone, Vincent comes back to the patio.

Daffodil gets Willy-O's left-over food and nobody questions it.

Madame is still well-respected. I'm glad. And I'm sure Madame, as petite as she looks, is far more streetwise than we can even imagine. She has survived more than 10 years as a community cat; I'd give her top marks for street wisdom. She is probably the oldest cat in the neighbourhood. are a force to be reckoned with, aren't you, Vincent Valentino Starr?

 Me, me, me???

Do I look fierce too?

Well yes, you too, Timothy-D.

As it stands now, we have reason to believe that Timmy "fell from the sky" (ala Mr Bean style) from the mothership on that fateful weekend morning, right smack in the middle of my road, in front of my gate. That accounts for the fact that he was "talking" so much until we got him neutered, that he lives off the blue dustbins (reminiscent of a space capsule of sorts), that he is probably a calf-goat-kancil hybrid (not a cat!), walks on his front legs but hops on his back and that he has a bottomless stomach! 

A reader suggested this: (Yes, this could be one of the many missing jigsaw pieces we are looking for! It mentions the "blue box" too!)

A coincidence, you say?

I don't think so...

We think Timmy is the first of his "kind" to land on earth and more will follow soon. Just wait... The mothership must have seen the pavilion as a "Stonehenge" landmark, and yes, those blue dustbins! There are so many of them at the playground.

Next...another showdown, and this time it's between the females, Rosie vs. Tabs! And don't forget how Tabs "arrived" in our old neighbourhood....mysteriously too, and in a bright red collar. Oh gosh, where is that red collar now? Egad! I gave it to that miniature pinscher!! It probably has a tracking device on it.

There certainly are more things on heaven and earth than is dreamt of in our philosophy, folks!


kettenkard said...

maybe Timmy looking for his TARDIS.yes I think Timmy is a Time Lord.

chankahyein said...

YES! The "blue box"!