Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The 9.00pm Spider-Cat report

I have been checking every few minutes. Yes, call me paranoid...because I am.

 The 5pm check: All poofed out from the whining.

 The 5.30pm check: Still poofed out.

6pm: Private dining.

 Evening sojourn.

 The Dorying appears to have stopped.

7pm check: All the girls are hanging out in the room.

The boys are outside.

I know from his body language, he hasn't given up.

 8pm check: Indy wonders what I am doing.

I've decided to fortify the security.

These pails are filled with a bit of water (to add weight) so that they will not topple easily. It's just a bit of water so that in case Indy falls in, it won't harm him at all. The yellow chair is purposely put in this 45 degree position to make it look difficult to get a foothole. I'll go look for other things to place on top of this arrangement to add to the deterrent factors.

 Bunny is probably laughing at me.

 Indy gets whatever food he wants. Good to fill him up, so that he will be too full to attempt another jump.

Dory is asleep. I mean, Pole. Isn't this just so cute?

 And while everyone else is asleep after dinner, Indy stays vigilant.

The masked hero does not sleep...

I haven't decided if I should keep him in the condo for tonight. He seems very determined to try again. But as you know, I have this phobia about keeping any animal confined in a small place. What if a fire breaks out or a slithery one gets into the cage? I guess my phobia came after I watched a scene from Little House on the Prairie (way, way back) where Mary Ingalls Kendall's baby, Adam Jr, died in a fire. The baby and her nanny, Mrs Garvey, were trapped in a room upstairs and could not get out in time. Mary was blind but she and her (also blind) husband got out. I have never forgotten that scene where Mary kept hearing her baby's cries (being blind, she did not know what was happening) and eventually the cries stopped (and she knew). I've had this fear of a defenseless being (small child or animal) trapped in a confined place ever since. I guess Mary's suffering was much worse than the baby's suffering.

So, I decided to fortify the shelf security, at least until my husband comes home tonight and figure out something better, if any.

 How's this?

A little colourful, yes, but it's got more "deterrent factor", won't you say? I'll bet no cat would want to try knocking these contraptions down, right?

But it isn't just any cat we're talking about here. It's Indy Jones...

 What I cannot figure out is why Indy is so determined to get out...

And what does he do after he gets out? So far, I think he only hangs around in the patio, that's all. If only he could assure me that he only wants to hang out with the Patio Family, I'd gladly let him out (without he having to attempt all these escapades). But there is no way you could get that kind of assurance from a cat. Cats are curious creatures by nature.

I remember when I was curbing Pole's escapades when we first moved here, Dr Susanna told me to let her out. If she is so determined to go out, it means she wants to go out (she is a roamer by nature). So, let her out and she will come back if she is meant to. While I agree with that school of thought to a certain extent, there is still the danger of the road (accidents - cars just have to drive by so fast, I don't know why they are in such a hurry) and humans who do not like animals. Before we moved here, I actually checked out the neighbourhood and asked a friend who has lived here for almost two decades if there were any animal-haters in the neighbourhood. He said there were none. Actually, sad to say, there are...

So, I don't think I can let our cats out.

Mr Contractor, can the polycarbonate be installed any earlier, please?

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