Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More close encounters of the Indy (and Cleo) kind

Just how good is Indy at scaling heights?

Well, please see for yourself...

 He scaled up the fridge...

 And managed to get down safely.

Updates: A reader sent this youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4VixiGLweY

(I simply MUST share it with you! Yes, folks, add that to your list of "And just what else can cats do that we do not know of??")

 Me no do naughty things like that. Me good girl.

Cow, though also black-and-white, isn't adventurous, so we rule of the colour theory here. It must be the name, ie. Indy Jones. I just had to go name him after the legendary hero, so what do you expect, right?

This afternoon, Indy forced his way out of the room.

 I guess the patio is a whole new world for him.

There is so much stimulus for his inquiring mind...new boxes to play with, etc.

What a happy place it must be for a cat...

 And the pandan bush! Our masked hero simply loves it!

 Oh oh...Vincent is here.

Easy, boy, easy. Indy's a friend.

 I let Vincent approach, but under close scrutiny.

 Indy notices Vincent.

I'm monitoring, no fear. The water hose is within quick and easy reach.

 Oh oh...they are both on the aggressive. Vincent turns his head sideways and Indy does the same.

Suddenly, there is fierce growling and Indy charges at Vincent head-on!!

Okay, you two, break it up, break it up! Luckily it's not the heavyweights like Cow and Bunny.

I broke up the fight (there was no physical interaction at all, only growling and the letting out of a wailing war-cry on Indy's side as he lunged at Vincent).

 Tabs had already taken cover in the room...well, just in  case the riot moves into the room, you'll never know, right?

It pays to be safe.

 The masked hero is brought back unceremoniously (carried by me) to the room. He reports to his fellow black-and-white elder.

I almost got that tabby, you know. See my tail? It's still fluffed up.

Okay guys, enough adventure for today.

But later...

I spotted Cleo stalking the ginger plants.

She was doing it for a long time.

Oh no, what's inside the plants now?

 Not wanting to take any chances, I spray water onto the plants.

Nothing came out.

I'll need to check this out further, just in case.

And it's going to rain soon...

Vincent is seeking shelter inside the dining room.

Everyone is on red alert.


And hence, thy life will never be boring when thou hath cats.


Joy E. Saga said...

Errr... is cow also covering the behind the door part? :D

chankahyein said...

Mr Cow Mau is scared!! Shhh....

Joy E. Saga said...

LOL. Cow mau, cow mau. Size don't matter aye. Hehe

Connie said...

Hey Tabs, didn't you scaled the roof just last week? That's far higher altitude than that fridge top!

kettenkard said...

Indy learned from the best


chankahyein said...

Oh-my-goodness!! LOL!!

Chen said...

One of my cats mastered that vertical scaling trick since kittenhood, only its not the side of a fridge, but between the glass door and the curtain panelling. She wedges herself between the gap and proudly goes up and down to show off her skills. Her sister (who is not as smart) could not figure out how its done and so she only watched. So this trick requires some brains!

nisa said...

Oh my! i love Tabitha Jane! so fluffy! look at her whiskers!